Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perris Auto Speedway July 11, 2009

I guess you could say it was hot at Perris yesterday afternoon but again one wouldn't expect snow flurries there in July. I have been to this track before to watch various events and I figured the track would be set up inside the half mile (some say it is not really that big) and not use the auto track. Well it was ran on the auto track but didn't extend all the way to the north and south crash walls. I figure it was a third of a mile around the track we rode on. If you have Google Earth you can go to the track and using the measurement ruler actually measure it but it is hard to find the exact lines.

They were grading the track when the pits were first opened and it did look rather rough and there was no way my gearing was going to work as it was to large for what I expected. I had gone up on my primary and behind the clutch and down on the rear and made up a new chain for the reduction in size of the rear. I started running a 68 which was way too big and and only one smaller, a 64 which required another chain shortening which still wasn't high enough. Going in to the corner with the throttle on was fun until my ignition coil went out in the second race and with out a spare coil I had to sit out my last ride.

First impression are often wrong and my first one was this night was going to be a big mistake with a capital M. The grandstand seating was $25.00 a pop where mechanics in the pits had to only pay $20.00, riders paid 30.00. The far track straight a way looks like it is in Arizona but from the high grandstands you can see the action.

The turns were slightly banked with a drop off if you didn't make the turn and wanted to become a half-miler. Both Shawn McConnell and Jason Ramirez brought out the ambulance crew and do they ever get to the down rider quickly. Shawn needed a patching up and Jason in his ride got a restart on the penalty line

A decent crowd did show and plans are in the making for another speedway race at PAS in October of this year. I am not here to dis flat trackers but the side-by-side action in the corners last night were remarkable and a lot more exciting to watch that a Harley follow-me -around for twenty lap race.

Billy Janniro's reverse starting at the tape makes for a great leave when the tapes go up. (see photo)

The winner of the main (as heard by the announcer) pocketed $4,200.00 which is not a bad night for local speedway.

The track became dusty as the night went on even after watering. It was a big track to keep damp. Parking was in the infield and several little motorcycles and mountain bikes were in use and of course Schwartz's electric scooter to make it from end to end. I was in Bill Cody's shop last week getting higher gearing and so were others. He probably now has a lot of empty shelve space and enough money to buy a new boat cover.

I would do it again and sooner it was fun.

Credits are due to Steve Evans, Howie Zehner and USA Speedway.

Trophy Picture taken by Dorcey Wingo
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