Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3 Speedway Friday Night at IMS

Where did all the traffic go. Pulling a trailer I made it from Orange County to 909 country in less than a hour, 55 minutes to be exact. Several years ago I raced here on a Wednesday on the Fourth of July and we had fireworks, tonight the action on the track was the fireworks. And another plus was the helicopter flying around taking pictures of the show and the Jawa powered sprint car that were in appearance.

It is hard to caption all the pictures here and those who attend the races on a regular basis will know who is who. If there is a picture that you wish to know more about please contact me or comment at the end of the blog. At each new night at the fixture people come up to me and talk about the blog. I really appreciate that. Some people don't know what a blog is and that is okay too. Tyson Burmeister was really riding great tonight and our great announcer decided to come up with a nickname for Master Meister (my feeble attempt) which probably caused him to unload in the main just like a no hit pitchers gives up a home run when the announcers mentions "no hitter". Fast Eddie #14 had to win the last chance to get in the main. He was leading the main when Tyson went down and a red flag came out. After the restart Flying Mike Faria #9 bested Jimmy Fishback #25. Master Meister needs a nickname: any suggestions.
Buck Blair has missed the last two meeting I have been to (Please get well Buck) I miss yelling at you. Joey Holt #244 (my old number) rung his bell Wednesday night and was without a ride as his head was still in recover mode.

It was a great night except for one thing. When I got home and started to unload everything from the car I couldn't find my camera bag anywhere. Then I remembered how I had sat the container on the box of my trailer and in a flashback I could see all of kit laying in the parking lot back at the track. Boy, how stupid could I be to do that, then I kicked the trash can, screamed at the dog then turned around and saw the container sitting on the garage floor.

The weather is getting warmer and I don't wear leathers anymore. When I first started speedway I had a pair of leathers left over from Bonneville racing and they were always too hot to use when the temperature goes up and in San Berdoo it can get rather warm. When riders first show up at the track they don't jump out of their trucks with all their riding gear on like a swat team attacking. In fact some in regular clothes bear no resemblance to their dashing hero like leathers attire and some who have expanded their frontiers need several cow hides for covering.
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