Monday, January 31, 2011

Whale Fiesta

Almost every morning we leave the marina and I take my dog Dede for her morning walk. She likes to head for Cabrillo Beach to look for the squirrels that run around the park. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a hanging sign announcing the Whale Fiesta.
So I entered the date in the back of my forgetful storage device under my hat. Then this Friday morning I saw a tractor moving sand and dumping it under the direction of two fellows that were measuring the placement of each load of sand.
They also had two large books opened to pictures of whales.

Friday the form was just a lump of sand. Then Saturday the shape started to form.

Then you add a fire hose and water.

And whales need lots of water,

And then it started to rain.

When I fist came over early Sunday morning the whale was a work in progress. Later after ten I rode by bicycle back over to take more pictures which wasn't a great idea as my bicycle doesn't have a roof and the sky opened up.
The following pictures were taken Monday morning.
I guess somebody had fun whale walking.