Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perris Raceway March 27, 2010

Well this was the first race put on by Carrie Hancock after a debut practice session two weeks ago. The afternoon was warm with a little wind and plenty of blue sky.

The rider turnout was; 9 in D1,11 in D2, 11 in D3, 4 sidecars, 2 pee wee and 8 Juniors.

What you usually never see at a speedway track in California is practice before the races start. Everyone got to use the track before the racing started. Everyone mean everyone: Juniors through sidecars. It was really a fun day as kids rode bicycles around the pits. Sammy got to show off his new dog and a good time was had. The gates open at four in the afternoon and the races started at seven. The track lighting worked great. The announcer did a great job on the mike, Abbott ran the pit gate and young Brant did an excellent job of keeping the races moving and assigning starting gates. There was some grousing about the frequent watering but that was mostly from those who had to race after the truck had just finished. I always complain about the crappy traffic and today was no exception as I left the house at two and hit the 91 Riverside Freeway weekend traffic. It was better than some of the crap you see on Friday going to IMS until you swing south on the 15 then a parking lot as you slowly drive by Ken Maley's old place.
There was some problems with the green light and the tapes going up when they were supposed to go up and in one of my races the green flag had to be used. My thottle cable started acting up after the first race. It was my own fault for not replacing it after my son Dylan broke it two weeks ago and I thought my repair would work. I made the last chance but after the first bend the cable refused to function.

Best race of the night was between Doug Nicol and Greg Hancock in an early heat. The Second Division main was a close battle between Tyson Talkington, Dylan Black and Rudy Lauer with Talkington winning it. There isn't a ten o'clock curfew and the races went past that time but not by much. There are actually houses within spitting distance.