Friday, April 29, 2011

Crew Training April 23, 2011

This training trip was on April 23, 2011 which was last Saturday. I plan on splitting the blog for that date into two edits as the time to load files from my laptop on my sailboat to the WiFi at the marina office and load on to Google can give you a fit of cabin fever.
It is simple amazing that first timers can climb the rigging and work the yards. I was asked to go aloft but since my body does not have the bending capabilities of a yoga follower or a young woman. I am determine to get back in bending shape and go up.
It is a way up there.
And when you get there there is work to be done.

Another new green crew member gets a chance to climb.
She climbs like a pro.

up and up

Reaching the point where you have to lean out and clip in.

Clipped in and over the landing.

More pictures of this trip in my next blog...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water Balloons at Sea

These pictures were shot during a volunteer training sail on March 26, 2011 with the LAMI youth training program.
Each trip I have been on (this is my third) has a mixed crew. Some are new faces, some are familiar but the ship and safety drills remain the same.
This morning, we start at 10:00 A.M., both ships sailed south towards the Port of Long Beach inside the break water. There wasn't much wind.
The two different ship crews are competitive and often engage in mock battles but only one brigantine has a gun. They may have a loud black powder gun but we are armed with a water balloon launcher and plenty of water balloons. We are close enough to each other for several balloons to get someone wet.

Ready to launch
Balloon launched
Balloon hits target
Exy's chief pitcher winds up ready to heave a water balloon

The battle is over and each side claims the victory.

She changes course and sail away from us.
The course was not set but you can see the mainsail and main stay sail
Notice the smooth water and the drooping pennant and ensign.
She head to sea searching for whales and we stay inside dodging barges and container ships.

Every line has a function and a place to be stowed when not in use.

San Pedro's Tall Ships

These pictures were taken on March 26 during a LAMI crew training trip.
Both of the brigantines went out and we proceeded east  towards Long Beach.
The two ships are named Exy Johnson and Irving Johnson and are close to being twins but there are some differences.

Inside or outside the breakwater it is not uncommon to find freighters and oil transport ships at anchor.

A brigantine is rigged with two masts.
The GPS display and compass are located forward of the helm

The mainsail is on the left and the square sails (top to bottom) are Fore Top gallant, Fore Upper Top Sail, Fore Lower Topsail and the Course.
Same sail from a port view

Lunch break
Captain at the helm
Going below to the berths.
From 20-34 berths depending on route or program.

Sailing on the Brigantines

Earlier in the year I attended a orientation meeting at the Los Angeles Marine Institute and signed up for crew training. This set of pictures were taken with my IPhone during a sail training trip on February 12, 2011.

Loading the ship's gun.

Black powder

Reentering the Los Angeles Harbor

I have not been blogging much lately but I will continue to add pictures of the sailing on the tall ships.