Friday, May 18, 2018

More Walking in Homeless Country

Homeless at beach with loose dog
I was born in Los Angeles and as usual I can't remember. My Father's parents lived at 78th and Vermont which is probably  where I lived. My father was building an apartment in Santa Monica at 1710 Tenth Street and that is the first place I remember living at.
Some Homeless can carry large loads

There was a war going on when I was a wee one so I spent lots of time with my Grandmother and Grandfather. My Grandmother had a little cart for groceries and she would take me with her when we walked a few blocks South on Vermont to the Ralph's.
Drunk before Eight AM
The Street Cars ran up and down Vermont and we would ride them into the City. Sometimes we went the other way South to the end of the line where the Conductor would flip the seats that were on a hinge so the passengers faced in the forward position.
Homeless apartment
At that time my Grandfather no longer drove an automobile but we have tons of him with pictures taken earlier when he was a proud owner of a car. My Father also has many black and white prints of him standing by his car with one foot resting on the running board. 
A common site
My earliest recollections of cars would be probably be a Nash, then a 1946 Hudson that my father drove across country to New York City with stops along the way in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Ohio. He later did the trip again in a Giant Hudson four door maybe a 1951.
Using the bathers shower
My Father also had a Ford Model A Coupe but the rumble seat had been removed and a stubby pickup bed was installed. The stock rear bumper was still there with the round rubber steps that had been used for getting into the rumble seat.
Extra points tent, bicycle and wheel chair
All my friends on Tenth Street loved to hang out with my Father. He then owned three apartments building in Santa Monica and only worked as a contractor once in a while. He would lets us ride in the Model A mini bed and we would drag our feet on the streets when ever we turned a corner. 
Need bike parts?
I can't say I worshipped my Father as we seldom went to church when I was a kid but I greatly respected his abilities. He had a drafting table with the triangles and T-Square where we drew building drawings. He went somewhere,I have no idea where, and brought back his Blue Prints. 
When he built our house at 988 Olympic he rented a Caterpillar and graded the lot by himself. He built the two story house by himself and only hired others that were required to sign off for the building inspector. He did the plumbing,framing and all the brick work, designed  his own Bay Windows with sliding glass for ventilation, The front room Bay windows would sound like a B-29 every time there was an earthquake.
Post Office San Pedro
So having lost where I was headed with this blog I will continue to ramble just line a Nash. My Father had his car and my Mother had hers. It wasn't that always that way when we only had one family car. But my Mother must have started winning at the horse tracks and she went to Santa Monica Ford on Santa Monica Blvd, and bought a brand new 1951 Ford with a fancy Continental Kit. Flat Heads were still being used and my Mother's cars was quite sporty. 
more post office
She later got another blue Ford from the same dealer and once the two of us drove it to Arkansas to visit my Aunt in Mountain Home. I was only fourteen but my Mother let me drive the car and I wanted to go see the Grand Canyon and she let me turn off the main highway and I drove to the Rim.
ugly lime green bike
Later my Mother and I drove to Arkansas in our Dodge 500 which was a 1956 model with a Hemi and lots of power but a two speed auto tranny. 
Most of the earlier Muscle Cars didn't have a matching transmission. The Fuel Injected 1957 Chevy could go a hundred in the quarter and it had only a three speed.
couple are extra points
These pictures are of the homeless and what I see when I walk my two dogs every morning. I have several cameras and enjoy taking pictures. I do not point my lens at a homeless directly and always tried to take candid shots. Some homeless don't give a fuck and some get rather upset if they see me with a camera strap around my neck. 
Fucking drunks at 8 AM
I have been reading Rachel Carson lately and there was an extreme low tide this morning. Since I live on a sailboat I don't have to use a tide chart to see what is happening I just look. The two furry ones and myself went towards the tide pools at Cabrillo Beach but at low tide the rocks were mostly denuded  and the pools were not full of color. On the way back from the tide pools (there is a walk way) we encountered three fucking drunks that were having a party (8 AM) at a bench on the sand. It is not uncommon to see homeless or drunks on the beach in the morning here. I still had my Nikon around my neck and we started climbing the uphill trail away from the beach when we were hasseled by the drunks. They started chasing us and yelling at us.  My German Shepherd weights around a hundred pounds and could probably rip someone apart but he was not trained to do that to humans, only squirrels and raccoons. He never catches his prey but he loves to bark at them. My other dog DeDe who is hiding out some where in the blue sky actually caught squirrels and rabbits. Any way the trip to the tide pools turned out to be a bummer when you can walk to the beach here. There is all this graffiti on the signs and walls, one wonders while there isn't someone who can fix that. Earlier I had seen two LA Port Police cars in the parking lot and on the way back from the beach I told the officers about the shitheads (not my two loving dogs) and the Port Police went over there and later there was a backup of a car and a M/C. 

Most of the writing here has nothing to do with the homeless problem here but serves as an autobiographic look at my past which at times is forgotten.

The pictures shown here are by the author and were taken with a Nikon camera.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Morning Dog Walk in Homeless Country

Camping on Beacon Street
We (more that one) consists of myself, a German Shepherd (dog) and a Yorkie (also a dog) and Myself, The Dynamic Duo go for a walk every morning.
A shopping cart for every corner
The start time varies but it is usually before sunrise. Yesterday Happy the GSD got two squeaky toys and decided to start squeaking at 4 AM so today we got an early start.
Behind main Post Office
We encounter many things early before sunrise such as raccoons, dumpster divers, feral and stray cats and maybe a coyote. The homeless often sleep in the marina on benches but lately we have not seen any here.
Remember the local market
Each day we head off in a different direction from the previous day's dog walk. This morning we headed north up the hill towards 22nd Street and then down into the park. A lot of money was spent building 22nd Street Park and I am sure they spend a lot more maintaining it but not much time is spent picking up the crap that is left behind. There are a few homeless that live there, one crazy on a bench and several that stay in the bushes out of sight.
Remember the Local Bar
We go through the park and reenter the streets and sidewalks  at Harbor and Crescent. We then go up Gulch Street (yes that is a real name) to Beacon Street continuing north towards downtown. Beacon Street at the Post Office used to be the homeless main drag BUT (capital letters) they are moving away and we don't know where to. The city has been trying hard to move them for several years and lately the homeless are going. The new construction of a park by the Post office, plus the streets being changed for a different route to Ports of Call must be doing something.
Car camping
San Pedro has no shortage of dive bars, probably more liquor stores that all of Southern Orange County and a downtown. Downtown is a mystery where many businesses are trying very hard to make a buck. The Street Cars used to run up and down the Harbor Front but have stopped while the streets are be changed. Every Friday and during the weekends a free shuttle bus runs around downtown and out to Cabrillo Beach and back.
Extra Bonus Points Homeless next to Port Police Sub Station

Most of Ports of Call have been torn down recently and since this is Mother's Day many visitors will be quite surprised to find that where they ate last time is now a vacant lot with a view of the Main Channel.
If you like Tug Boats and what Kid doesn't (myself included) East of Downtown San Pedro is the LA Harbor Main Channel and a Grand Central Terminal for Tug Boats.
What I want for Christmas 
I watched a pod of Dolphins this morning while two tugs prepared a ship to move out to sea and the two dogs quietly waited.
Dolphins going to Mothers Day Brunch

 Finally the German Shepherd started whining and we had to move along.
casting off the stern dock line

The old street to Ports of Call is closed but we walk that way anyway tracing our southern route back to our boat. The trip is about five miles.
Hooking up travel trailer
Yesterday I rode my bicycle to the Ghetto Vons at 13th and Gaffey and didn't have my retarded smart phone with me or any other camera and missed a classic shot at the bus stop where three passengers were waiting on the bus bench while a person was laying under the next bench apparently passed out. New rule:  Always be camera ready with the lens cap off.
An Asian Princess walked by my boat this morning with Golden sandals on (always be ready with lens cap off)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

More Homeless Scoring (Part Three)

As I forget more than I remember I often can trust my Nikon to remind me of the pictures I take each day.
The above picture was taken Wednesday May 9, 2018 and I was using a Nikon D90 with a 300mm  AF lens. Monday at this same location the homeless there was a different crew. Please notice if you are trying to score points viewing the homeless the wheel chair is a bonus shot.
This fellow dropped his bag crossing the street and I can see why as it is really hard to balance a bicycle with several loads.
If you get out early you will not find the left behind belongings so timing is critical to increase your daily score.
Bonus points here with bicycle, sleeping bag and on the beach location.
City Hall
Location is important in scoring just like selling Real Estate. 

Location Scoring Multiplier

1, In a Library add 5 points
2. On the Library steps outside add 2 points
3. Inside a bus depot add 5 point 
4. outside bus depot add 1 point
5. Inside a train station add 6 point
6. On the grass or benches outside station only 2 points
7. sleeping on a pier 5 points
8. sleeping under a pier 10 points
9. Camping on a bridge only 6 points
10. Camping on a bridge with a TV Set 18 points
11. Camping along a bike trail next to a river bed (no points)
12. Camping along a bike trail on a river bed with a Kayak 20 points
13. Beach Camping with Tent 5 points
14. Camping on Beach with a volleyball 10 points

15. Sleeping next to a Life Guard Station (no bonus points)

In our next chapter in this series we will add additional scoring points for accessories. As most homeless have what they need to get by with some have special goodies such as a vacuum cleaner or a TV antenna or maybe a stuffed doll collection. 
San Pedro Old City Hall
Life is an experience that is often not seen on the Television evening News.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Life Scoring List For Homeless Watching (Part Two)

Scoring points for HOMELESS LIFE LIST

This the second part in this series. See Starting a New Business in previous blog.

For in person observation taken from street use the list below and multiply by 4.

Viewed from your bicycle use the list below and multiply by 3.

Viewed from your automobile use list below and multiply by 2.

Viewed from a bus, subway, or train use list below use points shown,

1. Homeless Male (profugo masculum)  1 point

2. Homeless Female (profugu feminam) 1 point

3. Homeless Child (profugo puer) 5 points

4. Homeless Family (profugo familia) 2 points plus 3 points for each member

5. Homeless Teenager (profugo juvenis) 2 points

6. Homeless with Animal (profugo animalis) 2 points plus 2 points for each animal

7. Homeless Barefoot (profugo  disculciatam discopertis) 2 points

8. Homeless on Bench (profugo scamnum) 2 points

9. Homeless Sleeping on Ground (profugo domiens) 2 points

10. Homeless with Tent (profugo tectum) 3 points

11. Homeless with Bicycle (profugo habebat vehentem) 4 points add 2 points for each additional

12. Homeless Crazy (profugo inssanis) 5 points

13. Homeless with Wagon (profugo plaustra) 1 point plus 1 for each wagon

14. Homeless with Shopping Cart (profugo cart) 1 point plus 1 for each cart

15, Homeless living in Car (profugo currus) 5 points

16, Homeless living in Camper (profugo camper) points

                  All Photos in this Blog were taken by myself