Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boat Show (Bring Money)

There is a "in the water boat show" here in San Pedro, California located at Cabrillo West Marina. To visit the show you need do drive to the end of Miner Street in the Los Angeles Harbor and pay ($15.00).

All the fun a boat owner has

I rode my single speed bike over to see what I could see for free. Nothing is free. The fence is covered with these super glams of what a future boat owner is promised.

The banners look so great I wanted to run down to the docks and buy another boat but I had forgotten my wallet.

When I ride my bicycle I take my Samsung or my Nikon but never my wallet. Being a boat owner that is currently living on his 5th boat a wallet can be dangerous especially if one has poor impulse control.

There are displays under the tents and I had heard that kayaks and stand up paddle boards are being shown. My 2 stand ups and surf skis are stored in a dingy rack close to my boat. Maybe I should charge for the view and I do give free lessons. Our marina as three kayaks for customers to use. None of the guest paddlers here look like the women shown in the banners at the boat show. In fact most weight too much to get out of the kayak and get back on the dock.

New boats will stay pretty and shiny until the first monthly payment is made.

Flags don't come with the boats and you must always have a lot of them for opening day.

Available just see broker. Then after you will be known a broke.

Walking down the gangway to the poor house

Los Angeles police and fire boats.

Handy to have them around.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sailboat Sunday Morning

This aft window is prone to leaking
Sunday rolls around again. Some morning the boat is wet and some days it is dry. It is hard to figure the weather here. You can count on a breeze almost every afternoon. My last blog was short on text as the Blogger editor wiped out much of what I had typed when I started adding pictures.
deck dripping

Need a self cleaning boat
My daughter Frances is in Boston where she had an opening yesterday at the MFA and when I opened up Twitter I was entertained by her appearance.
Beanie in Boston

My morning usually starts with wiping down parts of the boat because everything is wet or dripping.
If you live in a house or apartment in the city or on a farm in the country you for all intent purposes don't deal with the roof. To open up and get out I must remove my drop boards and climb up my ladder and start wiping. The majority of sailboats have the cabin and berths down below where power boats don't. Larger power boats often have cabin space below and have more than one level. Also the shape on the interior conforms to the shape of the hull making powerboats more roomier.

My boat is connected to shore power 115 VAC and is metered and my electric bill is included in my monthly billing. Last month's bill for shore power was $6.09 which is a dollar higher that last month. Recently I added another fridge to my galley and that one runs around the clock whereas my internal fridge runs off my house batteries which are charged by my two solar panels. One 70 watt panel is bolted to the transom rails and faces east. That panel starts charging 15 minutes after sunrise on a clear day. The 50 watt panel is not bolted down and can be redirected to follow the sun. That panel has a power cable that is routed through a circuit breaker to my battery bank and the fixed panel to hard wired to a voltage regulator. When sailing the smaller panel is lashed to the center cabin hatch.

The voltage regulator and my dc to ac invert have USB charging ports.So all my devices that can use USB charging get the juice from the solar panels. All interior lamps have low wattage LEDs and interior lighting is from solar.

My water is stored in a forward tank beneath the V-Berth and is connected to a Shurflow pump that supplies the sink in the head and the sink in the galley. The pump is driven by the batteries also. My Samsung flat screen will run off my invert as the wattage is low. Basically the Telly is left off. The FM radio and ship radio run off batteries too. Appliances that required A/C can be connected to my 1000 Watt generator if we are off the dock. I made a cable that allows the gas powered generator to be connected to A/C connector in the cockpit. So the boat is not entirely off the grid when tied to the dock but the setup is pretty GREEN.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Good, Bad and Ugly

Tree starting to grow on unwashed boat
Ugly award runner up
Ugly boat award

With all the nightly moisture you would think the boats would stay clean but with a coat of dust mold starts to grow the surfaces and without cleaning things get ugly. Each day starting at sunrise boat workers appear like ants and start hosing off and wiping down the boats. The charges for this service (some are decent some suck) varies with the length and size of the vessel.

Mold growing on boat.

Nice wooden ketch

Nice J-Boat

Another view of wooden boat

Our marina will not handle boats greater than 60 foot in length but the new marina across the channel takes 100 foot plus maybe 120 foot.
Lots of bucks

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is in a name?

My boat is located in a upwind slip and is the second slip after you walk down the gangway. The transom is in full view to walkers that navigate the sidewalks around the marinas. There are three marinas on the west side of the "West Channel" and the sidewalks wind around which allows one to walk from 22nd Street almost to Cabrillo Beach.

One evening when I was still under a roof I was watching a science show on television about the falling water levels of large lakes in Africa and how evolution can change fish species when land bridges separate bodies of water.

This led to some internet searching which led me to Lake Malawi then Likoma Island. This is where I discovered a luxury resort:  Kaya Mawa The words in the Nyanja Language means: Maybe tomorrow

As a six year old I learned the song "Manana" as it was always sung during the Sing a Long when I went with my family to the Shrine Auditorium Family Shows.

The faucet she is dripping and the fence she's fallin' down
My pocket needs some money, so I can't go into town
My brother isn't working and my sister doesn't care
The car she needs a motor so I can't go anywhere
My mother's always working, she's working very hard
But every time she looks for me I'm sleeping in the yard
My mother thinks I'm lazy and maybe she is right
I'll go to work maÃana but I gotta sleep tonight
(maÃana, maÃana, maÃana is soon enough for me)
Oh, once I had some money but I gave it to my friend
He said he'd pay me double, it was only for a lend
But he said a little later that the horse she was so slow
Why he give the horse my money is something I don't know
(maÃana, maÃana, maÃana is soon enough for me)
MaÃana, maÃana,

My grand parents lived on Vermont Ave at 78th Street in Los Angeles. My father and I would walk to the Shrine with my Uncle Bryon early on a Saturday afternoon to stand in line to get good seats. It was an all day wait. After the doors opened we would get seats in the center just behind the orchestra. My Uncle and I would save the seats while my father walked back to 78th to get the car and bring my grandparents back. Before the ushers opened the doors my father and I would explore USC and all the interesting points in the neighborhood. 

Never went to USC as a student but my daughter Frances taught there.

So back to my boats name, If asked the shorter version is, it means "Manana"
My Schwinn locked to dock step
neighbor's rack on steps

Love this boat's name

When you live on a boat with a bicycle you need a rack too.
Bikes on powerboat stern