Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another Puppy Week

Friday the 13th came and went yesterday. The Thursday before I received a text message from Frances my daughter telling me that the pup needed to get another one of his puppy shots and it was best to go early. The clinic is located on Gaffey in the 900 block north. We live just south of 22nd Street so the trip is about two miles during the morning rush hour. We don't do much rushing these days, the we being the puppy and me. He has only ridden in his carrier in the rear of my Nissan three times and that was for less than a mile because he was crying too much.
Inside clinic

In the morning in San Pedro all the traffic is headed north to get on the freeways and the cross streets around schools are clogged with parents letting their kids off at school. I made a mistake of going up to Gaffey past a elementary school and after the recent rainy spell it looked like walking school just wasn't happening.
Monster Paws

We finally got to SNP|LA (spay neuter project of los angeles) after a few minutes of driving that seemed like hours. The grass around the parking lot was wet and the hill across the street was bright with the fresh grass.

We signed in with Happy Tails and was greeted with cheery faces that remember him. They remarked about his growth and his tail tip. Early at the shelter the other puppies had decided that his tail was a chewing bone treat and the tail end looked like a rat tail. I see his hair growing back on his tail tip but his size increase is less apparent because he is with me 24/7 but picking him up is becoming a chore.
self feeding

On December 8 the clinic records show him weighing 5 lbs. and 8 oz. 36 days later he weighs in at a new fighting weight of 22 lbs. (ready for the ring) which is close to 1/2 pound a day increase.
He continues to like all humans large or small but is still shy with other dogs that are larger that him.

Happy is not interested in the morning skunks we have seen during a 5 AM wake up walk or the black feral cat that hangs out in the parking lot where the divers (boat cleaners) park feed the negro gato during the week. The cat actually follows the divers in the morning when they walk over to the tackle shop to get coffee.

Happy is climbing around the boat top side which my former first mate didn't. He has been on two other sail boats when their crews come back in from a sail.

My son Dylan keeps nagging me about borrowing the pup but I don't think the pup is ready yet, he has never been in a house or apartment before (the pup not Dylan). In the video below you can see Hucker riding the trails with his dog. Dylan has plans to do this too.

 His head habits (boats don't have toilets) are improving and it is much easier to get him outside with it is not pouring down rain. I refer to the morning routine as a Chinese Fire Drill when before 5 AM he starts making noises under my V-Berth. The race is to get dressed and bundled up so he can pee on the shore. We don't have any doggie-door but drop boards that must be removed and hatch opened, a ladder to be climbed up and a cockpit to cross, dock steps to manage then a dock ramp to climb and gate unlocked. This was getting too much not to have my morning coffee before setting out so I stopped drinking coffee (cold turkey) and placed my Mr. Coffee in one of my shore lockers.
Happy Happy

Everyday something has to be removed or relocated to prevent chewing or him getting into the trash. He has two stuffed toys, a small reindeer from the adoption shelter (with matching reindeer blanket) and a stuffed dog that is now missing a nose.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

14 Days 14 Nights Raising Puppy

My daughter Frances picked up the puppy at spay neuter project of Los Angeles December 22 on a rainy here in San Pedro. Today is the 14th day of the puppy living on my sailboat. I guess it could be considered our sailboat.

For those aware of boats this might sound stupid but sailboats and powerboats have different shapes as their function vary. And getting on and off a boat can be easy or part of a climbing experience.

Dylan and Happy Tails

The interior cabin is accessed by removing three drop board from the forward entrance and climbing down the interior ladder which has 4 steps. When it warm and not raining the drop boards are stored but when it is cold and wet as it has been the boards are in place.

Going to poor house one bag at a time

Potty training requires that the pup get out of the cabin, get off the boat and be carried to a pot of dirt next to a tree in the parking lot. This requires a Chinese fire drill if any learning is too take place. The dog is rewarded vocally when he starts to pee and this may be startling if anyone is out at 5 AM and see us.

Chewing on his bowl

As I write here and wander about with the keyboard dog reports may not be in order. After Frances got the dog and helped me replace the battery in my car we drove to Centre Street Market to get some puppy chow. The pup liked it and the small bag did not last long. My next visit was to Vons here but they had stopped sticking puppy chow so  had to get a bag of food for small dogs. That kibble had to be smashed with my hammer in to smaller pieces he could handle.

On my last trip to Vons I found a large bag of puppy chow. When the puppy is in the cabin he currently can not climb out but if he is in the boat's cockpit he must be watched. He can climb over the sideboards into the cockpit but can't climb out yet. I need to get him a harness or life jacket with a handle so if he falls in I can use a boat hook to pull him out. For now he is always watched around the water.


After he has learned to sit and stay he can go out in our sabot rowing and maybe try riding the stand up paddle. He can walk with the leash and his tug of war is getting better. He loves strangers and follows people walking around the sidewalk. Pup has got for several car rides and visited several parks. He is growing quickly and will probably out grow his any harness or vest I would buy today.

Dylan brought him a new doggy bed as the cardboard box was being chewed up.

There was some debate about naming him and at present he is "Happy Tails"

Or just "Happy" and not to be confused with Happy from Space Patrol and those 15 minute afternoon live black and white TV shows in the afternoon on Channel 7 in Los Angeles when I was a kid.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Year End New Puppy

Turned on the TV this morning to see the weather forecast. 5 car commercials in a row with reindeer, Christmas trees, ribbons and smiling children. One spooky one with a Lincoln owner following a wood burning train. Ford must have a hell of a filming budget. VW is larger.

All in all, the German automaker paid over $6 billion in advertising. That's truly an astounding number, especially when you put it into perspective. With that kind of money, you could buy approximately 2,300 Bugatti Chirons -- 1,800 more than what has ever been produced. The next biggest spender was General Motors; they spent a measly $5.7 billion. Collectively, more money was spent on advertising by auto manufactures than ever before.

Turned the TV off and tried the internet for news. SF Gate is always interesting , Maybe there is a rush to died before the end of the year.

My former shipmate was a mix of German Shepard and Akita. We found her in a cardboard box in front of a Staters Brothers in Phelan which is the high desert. We always stopped there to pick up supplies when we went motorcycling in the desert.

DeDe at marina in San Pedro

We named her DeDe for desert dog.

She loved to run on the beach.

At low tide there is a sand bar inside the breakwater at Dana Point across from Baby Beach where several dogs would meet to party.
DeDe running with Buddy
Today is Wednesday mid week between Christmas and New Years and the seventh day for my new puppy. The details are vague but my daughter met someone at a wedding reception that ran a dog clinic.

The next thing I see are text messages of puppies dressed for Christmas.

Then a picture of the real trouble maker.
Monster on left

Toy reindeer

Last Thursday I was supposed to meet my daughter at the dog clinic here in San Pedro but in route I stopped to buy gasoline for my Nissan. I seldom drive, it was raining, the wipers were on plus the headlights and defroster after stopping for a few dollars of gas the engine refused to restart because the battery was low. Well my phone was charged so I texted my daughter and she met me next to the gas station where I had pushed my car.

Out like a light
My grandson was holding the puppy who was crying. It was pouring. raining puppies and cats. We rode back to the marina and my sailboat where I got another battery. We left the puppy with Arlo my grandson and we headed back up to switch batteries.
First car trip to park

Christmas day was a planned adventure to take the puppy for a car trip without any carrier. Plans didn't work out as the mutt wanted to drive and refused to ride shotgun.

Since Sunday he has had three rides in the car and has been to two different parks.

His new name is still being debated. I am so used to calling my old dog butthead or Dede Butt I may just stick with that. The puppy came from SNP/LA.

My son came over to the boat to visit the new puppy. He also brought a new dog bed which was really needed because Butt Head had chewed up most of his makeshift bed.

This was recorded and edited my Dylan. He wants to name the pup "Trails"
While the pup took a nap Dylan and I went out paddling on stand-ups. Later down the line the dog will also be included in family paddling but not now.

Dylan has always been a good at sports: motorcycles, bicycles, surfing, and snowboarding. My learning curve isn't ready for snowboarding but I still can ski. Here his Dylan on Christmas day boarding at Bear.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Random Musings

Winter is a few days away but this morning
was 47 degrees Fahrenheit or 8.3333 Celsius take your pick. The water temperature at my boat is 60 degrees F and though the water is much warmer that the air it does not heat the interior of my cabin. In the past I never thought I would be come an Eskimo and live on an iceberg.

There are ten windows on my Ericson and they don't provide much insulation against the outside air and the wind when it is blowing as it is now. When you live in a building unless it is a tornado or hurricane you can't sense the wind and its direction. On a boat the wind moves you around and if I look around anything hanging will be swinging around. After living here for several years I have become unaware of the movements. Last night my main halyard started to slap and it banged all night long.

If I turn on my idiot box on in the morning the local news is filled with traffic reports and freeway congestion. WTF I ride a bicycle and today I will wait for more sunshine before pedaling. Yesterday afternoon I rode my fake fixie to the market and almost got knocked over by a cross wind. I only watch the weather on TV to look at  the cute weather ladies and weekends KTLA is the best in the west.

Paddling before wind started

My son has always been involved in taking videos and started filming while sitting on his skateboard. Not sure how many cameras he has wasted. His YouTube channel is entertaining and I often read the comments.

One comment mentioned Live Stream and being from the old school computer ice age I knew nothing of that but it takes only a few keystrokes to make me another Google knower genius.
Live Stream was pedaling (not a bicycle but selling) a Mevo which after searching I found there was another electronic device I couldn't live without if I had Donald's money.

Somehow we are being buried by all this new technology. This cave-in caused a short circuit in my synaptic vault (probably too much orange juice) and I suddenly remember how to wire up the options on a Ma Bell 201A Modem. Myself and my boss Steve Young were attempting to attach a modem to the RJE terminal we were building. The Pacific Telephone employee dropped it off at our office and gave us the manual which since there wasn't any YouTube available then we had to read it.

We bought ten Potter Line Printers (total POS)

After we got the modem attached we tried to communicate with an IBM mainframe at Long Beach Douglas. After a day of scopes, screwdrivers and wire wrapping tools and some key punching we made contact. The RJE terminal we were building was a knock off of an IBM 2780. Steve had been working on the design for over two years. Stevegot a million shares of stock and I got an option. He was a millionaire on paper that still saved his paper lunch bags and my stock option went up in smoke when the company (Data Computer Systems) went broke after five years.

I installed a system in St. Louis

An RJE terminal (remote job entry) allows a job (computer program) to be transmitted to a large computer where the job is processed on the computer and the results (data) is sent back to the RJE terminal where the information is printed out on paper or punched on cards.

We put all of our electronics including power supplies in Wright Line Cabinets

All that would fit on a finger nail now.

An example of one of our early installations was at a Boeing Factory outside of Philly. The terminal (our CP4) was placed in an Engineering department and it sent data back and forth using a modem to the computer in another building. The factory was making helicopters for Vietnam War. To sign on in today's world you make a few keystrokes and login. Then you punched a sign-in card added your JCL cards and placed them in the hopper on the card reader. You used the telephone to dial the number of the modem at the computer site and after you made a valid connection you pushed the start key on the terminal then you pushed the start key on the card reader. The information on the punched cards were then sent to the computer to be processed. After batch processing the process was reserved.

This is very similar to our CP4

Things have changed since that time when we needed to use a moving van to install one of our systems which included the card reader/punch, processor and line printer. More that once I did installs where there were not any elevators or the moving van gone stuck in a snow storm.

We used Honeywell printers and reader/punch

Somewhere is my daughters garage there are some pictures of our CP4 and the project that didn't make me rich.