Saturday, June 22, 2019

Missing What ?

Several people asked me if I would miss living on the boat and being next to the Pacific Ocean. I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Santa Monica. I lived on Tenth Street and at night you could hear the fog horn on the pier or the waves crashing if the surf was big. Yes, there are certain things that are not available from the mountains of Arizona. One is an ocean but the Gulf of California is about 250 miles away but since I don't have a passport or a stand up paddle board anymore I will pass.
Negative problems about on-boat living is storage. Before I move out from under a house roof I had several yard sales and got rid of lots of things. After a couple of years my bicycle inventory got smaller. Then for around a year I moved to South Pasadena to live with my daughter. Then my bicycle collection started growing again. I restored my Paramount and Bob Jackson. Upgraded an English Bike that had been left behind by the previous owner,
My dog digging for moles
The English bike was then stolen from in front of my boat and the marina could not figure out how to operate the dock cameras. 
He loves to dig

When we lived on the boat shore power would fail from time to time or the power cord would melt down. While entering this blog it started to rain here in Arizona and the white clouds look very large. Then the power in the ranch house quit, no A/C. 
More dirt
My lap top was fully charged and my 4G Verizon does need A/C until the battery runs low/ I try to keep all my stuff charged.
Road Kill
Since I only have a flashlight I must close soon. The thunder is getting closer and louder too,
Turkey Vulture

More rain and thunder.
6 foot wind span

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Last August I left California and moved to Arizona. Several trips back and forth at 500 miles each way was a total pain in the pocket and ass. Gas prices were cheaper in Arizona but the traffic in the Los Angeles traffic jungle are painful.
Yucca at sunrise
In Arizona I have Direct TV and can watch the morning news. We (my two dogs) are several hours drive from the Interstate 10 and the morning traffic reports. All of this reporting in a waste of time as where I am we don't even have a traffic signal and the country road is at the end. 
my house
The pictures here are entirely random as I need to do some planning.
My connection to the internet is through a Verizon phone that has a mobile hot spot. It is not surper fast but it does work. On the Telly several vendors are pushing for DSL sales but I am beyond their reach. 
spring flowers
The elevation here is 4250 feet and the mountain across the way is 2 thousand higher. This winter it snowed several times breaking some snowfall records. 
Court House Butte
Since I moved here I bought a 29 inch bike on EBay that was a total POS, then other one that was much better but the front shocks needed upgrading. So I got the upgrade discount and the front fork was tapered so my headset didn't work. I made a bushing out of discarded copper wire and it kinda worked but not very well. 
So after much wasted time I bought a Marin hard tail bare bone frame. It took quite a while to build it using parts from another bike but now it is almost finished, no bicycle is ever finished.
Big Dog in Creek
Another waste is television trying to sell me something I can't buy. The Village of Oak Creek which is 2 miles away has a Subway and a Wendy. No Starbucks, no Big Macs, No Taco Bell but three bicycle stores.
second 29 inch
My mailing address says Sedona but It is a ten mile drive to get there. Cottonwood is 22 miles if you drive through Cornville on the way to Wally Mart.
Flagstaff is an hour drive away. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

More Winter

The last day of the year is here

Looking out my window to the south I see two dozen small birds

Scurrying in the snow

They are flying about from the tree branches

They dive down to the bird feeder below

It has been snowing since early morning

The weather man on Channel 5 said the mountain snow would start at noon

But he lives in Phoenix or maybe Yuma

The snow is almost a foot deep

My German Shepherd thinks he is in heaven

By three o'clock the snow still in falling

One minute from the north, then from the south

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

More Winter Trilogy

Drawing in the afternoon became a problem when the temperature started falling

The drawing desk is next to the window

The window faces south by north

The room can get cold

The whole house can get cold

My hands get cold, my gloves , well they suck

Double up with two pairs, one over the other, makeshift

My big dog as a nice fur coat imported from Germany

He doesn't seem to mind the cold

Our little dog would rather lay in his corner, with his two pillows

Waiting for the sun to reappear over the eastern mountain