Monday, February 8, 2016

Motorcycle riding bio

Trying to remember old tracks and places raced or ridden.

These places are not in any time order

1. Huntington Beach, California
Huntington Beach Cycle Park
On Talbert by rail road tracks
TT Track
 practiced there when I lived across the street
Spent a lot of time crashing and swelling
First Motocross race
Motocross Track actually was the TT track with a water hole and whoops added
Rode a Kawasaki 125
and a borrowed Bell Star

2. Ascot at Gardena
Raced Motocross there

3. El Toro Raceway would be Lake Forest, Ca. today
Raced TT
Raced Flat track
Raced Motocross
Later they added a circuit off the main track surface into the trees and back down over the crash wall

4. Trojan off the 710 Freeway
Raced TT

5. San Clemente, Ca.
Sea Breeze Park
There was a track there for a short time after other race was cancelled and moved there
Rode Motocross

6. OCIR, Irvine, ca.
Raced Motocross Track
Drag Strip
Ran Yamaha and Kawasaki there GPZ1100 ran 119mph

Raced Motocross on GP track
Raced Hare and Hound on extended track next to drag strip
Ran my Kawasaki 900 there on drag strip

8. El Mirage Dry Lake
San Diego Roadsters Car Club
Ran Yamaha RZ350
Ran GPZ1100
Ran Gamma 250 there stock and with NOS
Ran Kawaski 1280CC on NOS
Drove Porsche 911 and joined the 360 club

9. Riverside Raceway
Race GP on asphalt track plus dirt inside course

10. Adelanto, Ca. High Desert
Raced the Grand Prix three times

11. Bonneville, Utah
Set 1000 CC Production Record
Set 250 CC Production Record
Fastest motorcycle World of Speed week
Fastest 1300 CC gas and fuel several times

12. Las Vegas, Nevada
One time track inside half mile by NASCAR
Raced Speedway 500 Jawa

13. Corona, Ca
Corona Raceway
Raced Motocross at Car track
Night races plus Saturday morning series
Raced Grand Prix there

14. Corona, Ca.
Learned to ride speedway at Ken Maley's
Raced there

15. Santa Maria, Ca
Raced Motocross with Old Timers in a river bed

16. Edwards Air Force Base
Raced Old Timers there mostly sand

17. Saddleback
Raced MotoCross first in Vet Class
Later in Old Timers on a YZ465 and an RM 250
Rode the back TT track
Rode the Matterhorn
Rode the flat track
Rode Saturday MX on a regular basis

18. Costa Mesa, Ca.
Raced Speedway 3rd and 2nd Division

19. San Bernardino, Ca.
Raced Speedway when it was Charlies track

20. San Bernardino, Ca.
Raced speedway Orange Show
Won my first main

21. San Bernardino, Ca
IMS Track
Track Champion one year my class

22. Elsinore, Ca.
Raced Motocross
Raced Speedway on Speedway track

23. Perris, Ca. (old Perris)

Raced Motocross
Raced on first speedway track
raced speedway on larger version

24. Perris, Ca Motocross by dam
Raced Motocross

25. Winchester, Ca.
Raced Speedway
Promoted there at Wild West

26. Los Angeles Coliseum
Raced Supercross YZ465

27. Anaheim, Ca.
Raced Supercross inside Angels Stadium

28. San Diego, Ca.
Raced Supercross inside Jack Murphy Stadium

29. Ridgecrest, Ca.

Raced speedway at fairgrounds
won main event

30. Victorville, Ca.

Raced Speedway
First time race speedway

31. San Bernardino, Ca
Glenn Helen
Raced Motocross with Old Timers

32. High Desert
Racetown 395
Raced Motocross

33. Sunrise MX park
Raced Motocross

34. Riverside, Ca
Rode Motocross

35. Riverside, Ca
DeAnza Motocross track
Raced vets class

36.  Hesperia, Ca.
Competitive Edge MX Track
Rode Motocross

37. Irvine, Ca

Saddle Back (by the Lake)

Rode Motocross

38. Trabuco Canyon
Escape Country
Raced Motocross in Pro Class on Greeves

39. San Jacinto, Ca.
Competition Park
Raced Motocross with Old Timers
Rode flat track

Desert Racing

40. Barstow, Ca.
Raced the Barstow to Vegas

41. Lucerne Valley
Raced several non AMA races

42. Johnson Valley, Ca.
Raced several D37 Desert

43. Charlie Place High Desert
Raced several D37 Desert

44. El Mirage, Ca.
Raced several non AMA desert races

45. Palmdale, Ca.
Raced Motocross at Old Timers Nationals
Raced on Drag Strip
All Harleys Drags
Set Drag Bike National record on Suzuki Gama

46. City of Industry, Ca.
Raced Speedway 2nd and 3rd division
Was track points champion one year

47. Auburn, Ca.
Raced Speedway 2nd Division

48. Indian Dunes
Raced Motocross with the Old Timers

49. El Toro, Ca.
Lake Forest Home Owners Association
At one time there was a private practice area for homeowners
which included a flat track and motocross course.

50. Elsinore, Ca.
Off Highway 74 north of freeway
Elsinore Raceway
Raced Motocross
Course in canyon with rubber band start
Got creamed there on New Years Eve
Still have knot in left leg

The above locations were for racing not sport riding or camping.

below are places we would ride all the time

A. Slater Lake in Huntington Beach
On weekend there would lots off riders and off-road cars
The property owners was always setting traps
Could be three catering trucks
We rode our dirt bikes across town on the public streets

B. Golden Lantern
Dana Point, Ca.
Ride what you brought unload on the curb and have fun
Started to get popular with several large kite gatherings
Water Department finally hired security that rode Maico's

C. Hesperia
We used to drive from the beach and family camp with several others
65 Ford van and rented trailer

D. Lucerne Valley
We had a small cabin on 5 acres right above the rail road tracks that went
up the mountain to a mine
The rocky hills were carved with bumpy roads with lots of dips
You could go up the mountain or down to the dry lake

E. Ontario Drive
Not to far from Five Points
Huntington Beach

We lived there and only had to go around the corner to ride lots of open fields
Four out of five daughters rode usually two per bike
The youngest was way too small
I had a Ducati 175 that had been raced at Ascot
turned into a scrambler
The kids rode a Yamaha 80 and a Kawasaki 80
In between jobs I rode almost everyday
There was another area south on Beach that we would ride to.
None of these bikes were street legal
you just had to keep a sharp eye out for the police

Friday, June 26, 2015

Confusing Passwords

I have so many different passwords I had to add a book to store them.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Fall by Robert Crais

I was given this book by a sailing neighbor that enjoys reading LA detective stories. I have been criticized for being to hard on the fact checking and directions given driving around the streets of Los Angeles by noir authors. It seems common in Los Angeles fiction to describe the various routes around Southern California using the various freeway names or numbers. Some locals use the numbers and some use the names and it is hard to keep track of all of them. Elvis Cole uses his watch and often states the exact time he is leaving or arriving. He also given the distance traveled in miles and the scenery along the route and the on and off ramp names. Many authors describe the traffic and all the problems getting around. I was born in Los Angeles and have spent many hours stuck in traffic. Elvis is magical in the fact he never seems to be stuck in traffic and get from one location to another in only minutes.

Page 17, at exactly "six minutes after one" he makes a phone call, put on his Dan Wesson, goes down 4 flights of stairs and eats lunch at the deli. He then drives to Thurman's apartment via Westwood to Northridge, talks to the three women in the front yard, gets the keys and cases the place. When he leaves they ask what took him so long in the apartment if he was only dropping off something. He then drives back south on the 405 takes the Wilshire off ramp and goes west to Santa Monica via Brentwood winding up on San Vicente where he drives two miles to Ocean Ave turns south and goes to Venice and gets to Rusty bar at 26 minutes past two. He does all that in 80 minutes. WOW, pretty cool being to get off the freeway cruise Santa Monica to Venice and do the Valley search too. He mentions the bike riders on San Vicente and the bike path through the park along Ocean all that description is correct.

When Elvis is going through Thurman's apartment he notices his high school football pictures and that he was a "sixty minute" man. California High School football do not play 15 minute quarters they play 12 minute.

Elvis stops to buy bottled water and puts one bottle in his trunk. Elvis drive a Corvette (yellow 66) and trunks were not offered after 1962.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Night in Shanghai Music

Most of my past Blogging contains many of my own pictures but this post doesn't and it full of underlined links you must click on to see or hear the music.

After finishing reading Night in Shanghai I went to Nicole Mones web site where I found a very interesting series of pictures about Shanghai and the characters in the book. Then I thought why not document the music that appears within.

My two favorite radio stations are classical and jazz.

Page 9, "You think you know better than Mendelssohn?"

Listen to Symphony No. 4 "Italian"

Page 10, "About a Quarter to Nine,"

Film 42nd street

Page 11, " a few of the popular ballroom numbers, like

"Body and Soul"  Listen to it by Ella Fitzgerald

Ella played Melodyland in Anaheim, California across from Disneyland on Harbor Blvd. The show dates were June 29 to July 4 1965 with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra. Not sure how much the tickets cost back then but I had a pair of really good seats up close then.

"I Can't Get Started" Billie Holiday sings


I've been around the world in a plane
Settled revolutions in Spain
The North Pole I have charted
But can't get started with you
And at the golf course I'm under par
Metro-Goldwyn wants me to star
I've got a house and a show place
But can't get no place with you
You're so supreme, the lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
But what good will it do?
I've been consulted by Franklin D
Even Gable had me to tea
But now I'm broken hearted
Can't get started with you
You're so supreme, the lyrics I write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
But what good does it do?
I've been consulted by Franklin D
Even Basic had me to tea
But now I'm broken hearted
Can't get started with you

by Ira Gershwinand music by Vernon Duke, that was first heard in the theatrical production Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 where it was sung by Bob HopeHal Kemp and his orchestra recorded it at that time and it had a bit of popularity, rising briefly to 14th place on the recording charts.

Read more: Billie Holiday - I Can't Get Started Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Page 12, "The Rhapsody"

Rhapsody in Blue was the one piece he had memorized

I remember one weekend back when I was in high school band where we played that song over and over and over. It was at USC for a band day with maybe a dozen other high school bands. After all the rehearsals we played Rhapsody in Blue at half time in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Not sure who played the Trojans maybe UCLA.

Here Gershwin plays Gershwin (several of the YouTube viewing here have lead in commercials)

Page 14 back on Creel Street  "Memphis Blues," by Fletcher Henderson

Page 20, "Let's start with your signature tune "Exactly Like You"

I know why I've waited, know why I've been blue 
Prayed each night for someone exactly like you 
Why should we spend money on a show or two? 
No one does those love scenes exactly like you 

You make me feel so grand, I'd like to hand the world to you 
You seem to understand each foolish little scheme I'm scheming 
And the dream I'm dreaming 
Now I know why my mother taught me to be true 
She meant me for someone exactly like you 

You make me feel so grand, I wanna hand the world to you 
You seem to understand each foolish little scheme that I'm scheming 
And the dream that I'm dreaming 
Now I know why my mother, she taught me to be true 
She meant me for someone exactly like you

Page 26, "Buck Clayton's Harlem Gentlemen" Page 87, "Beethoven's Fifth"
Page 105, "They were in the middle of a Duke Ellington piece called "Blue Ramble"

Page 107, "He turned the disc over: "One O' Clock Jump." Count Basie Orchestra

Page 140, "played the arpeggiated left-hand waterfall of Litz's concert etude Un Sospiro
Page 142, "The song was "Saddest Tale" by Duke Ellington's big band blues"
Page 161, "So he took some music from his briefcase and played Brahms, because it calmed him."
Page 193, "they were in the middle of a song called "Lovely Peach Blossom," a Shanghai standard made famous by Fan Zhang"

Page 199, "One night in February they happened on an all "Bach chamber performance by German orchestral musicians"

Page 212, "To play my favorite of Mozart's two sonatas for piano in B-Flat."

same page, "Thomas saw it was Liebesleid by the violin master and composer Fritz Kreisler"

Page 214, "He was right, for the Liebesleid and Liebesfreund brought double the tips of Mozart and Brahms."

Page 221, David brought with him Chopin's Grande Valse Brillante and one of Strauss's New Vienna Waltzes.

Page 259, "Mozart, Sonata for Piano and Violin in B-Flat, No. 454"