Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trying To Remember What I forgot

Playing Superlotto Plus cost me $5.00 and after the purchase the ticket goes into my wallet where it gets lost in time. Bought a ticket last Friday at local market and here it is Tuesday and I finally remembered it. Probably would have been better to leave it n wallet as the numbers were not winners.
Yesterday I rode my road bike and of course I had forgot the left hand shifter (STI) doesn't like to drop from the top ring to the lower one but I ride the small ring most of the time anyway. Also need to buy a spare tube and a new butt. 

To ride I had to find my bib shorts,pump up the Michelins and of course shave my legs. Considering how old I am I must admit my legs look pretty good. Might have to buy a small backpack to carry a camera while riding as my little not so smart phone does not take great pictures. 

So this morning I took my Mini Sony Cam along with the dogs to try it again. You have to use these gadgets all the time or you will never push the right button. Two commands are "Play" and "Movie". That always confused me which is simple to do. I am thinking about  importing a New Caledonia Crow to help me with these puzzles. 
Cruise Chip in town
With the Sony this morning I got a nice movie of Happy barking at a squirrel he treed but my thumb is also in the shot. Then I then tried to shoot a Cooper Hawk on a branch but could not find the bird in the viewfinder. Where is my smart crow when I need him.
The Corvus family is good at remembering faces so maybe I could get one that remembers instructions too. After a couple of miles walking I put the two dogs in the Nissan and returned the Sony to the boat and got a Nikon. Though I was only gone for a few minutes Lucky was pawing on the drivers window waiting to get out and walk some more.
Lots of Mocking Birds in the park today and darting ground swallows. I don't rush the dogs and they have plenty of time to smell around.
Blocking the sidewalk
There has to be some Pros and Cons about these Lime Green bikes. Now what if a person in a wheelchair or a walker wanted to use the sidewalk? There are lots of dumpsters and trash cans around the harbor and an regular army of people who pick through the trash for bottles and cans, One very old grandmother walks around using her crane or walker collecting. She really has to struggle to go up the hill on 22nd Street. Yesterday she was standing in from of the Vons waiting in front o pickup discarded plastic water bottles. I always smile and say hello to her but never give her any money as she might have a Porsche in her garage (I don't have a Porsche or garage anymore). There are two regular dumpster divers here that drive Prius. They arrive in their hybrid get out and walk the marinas carrying a bag collecting bottles and cans.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday Morning Mists

Another day in paradise, well maybe not. Commenting about the local weather is similar to the weatherman in Yuma talking about the rain. As Yuma doesn't get much rain we get fog, overcast, drizzle, and sunshine. Today we cut the dog walking short and went just over three miles not the usual 5 miles.
white skate
The water here is murky at times and ugly after it rains. A red (green tide) also makes it unpleasant. To view sealife underwater bright overhead sunshine works best.
What you see next to the rocks that line the marina vary with the seasons and mating behaviors. Garibaldi's swim by and stay close to the rocks and are easy to spot. Spotted skates are usually in groups. Skates are not string rays.
Larger rays do show up here but they stay in the deeper water between the docks, Large bat rays show up and while paddling my stand up I have gone over several large ones. 
Sea Stars are rare here 

Too many idiots remove the sea stars from the rocks and idiots may out number the rocks.

Have been trying to sell my Fuji track bike on Craigslist and this morning the ad need to be renewed,  Last week the price was lowered but this morning the higher old price was still showing. Friday a buyer said he was going to come by Saturday but never did. Rode my mountain bike yesterday and even got mud on the tires. Today I am going to put the S-Works back in my double shore closet and get out a road bike. My go to store bike is a road bike with flat bars and a single free wheel. It was set up as a fixie but the chain gets sloppy as the frame has vertical drop outs. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

I Forgot Earth Day Yesterday

Actually I didn't forget it I avoided it. Why just one day? The hypocrisy of inviting people to the beach here to clean up a beach that is supposed to be cleaned daily by the city is upsetting to me. Weekends at Cabrillo Beach is a weekly holiday celebrated by bringing a years supply of bottle water, several outdoor grills and more. During our walk this morning (the dogs and me) didn't see any difference and the place was a trashed as normal with the homeless tent camper next to the County Life Guard Station and the beer bottles in the sand by the swing set. Several broken sprinklers by the bath house spraying the grass and sand. Happy, the German Shepherd, thought it was a new doggie drinking fountain
One of the life guards was washing his new personal pickup which is standard practice. Nice to be able to get paid $26.00 an hour to wash your own truck. 
Inside the breakwater there was a nice 1 foot right break running that would be great for SUP learning.
My cameras are in my backpack when I start out. I stop at the tennis tables to take off my jacket and get a camera out. On the walk to the beach I saw a small bird with a bright red breast that was smaller than a Robin. One needs to be prepared: Every tenderfoot knows that
Need to enjoy the sunshine today and stop my grousing. Maybe ride a bicycle other than traveling to the store but again I need to go to the store again today.
These pictures are from my archives and an earlier date. Percy the Pelican shown here hung out by my sailboat for a while and I took him for a walk.
Most people don't realize that pelicans eat things you would never have thought of.  If it will fit they will eat it. Pigeons, dogs, muskrats and even poodles are fair prey.
Found several nice Cooper Hawk tail feathers and put one in my hat.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Short Term Memories on 420 Day

Yesterday I remembered to pay a past due bill that the bank didn't forget. No rain this morning but the afternoon wind has been coming over the hill the last couple of days making it cooler  The dogs were ready to go early as usually is the case each day. The Telly was on for a few minutes as I got dressed as I listened to the latest freeway reports, shootings, missing hikers or teenagers, but maybe that was yesterday, I can remember.
San Pedro Homeless
Unless you have lived on a boat that is part of the changing ocean your morning starting place at home doesn't usually move. Mine goes up and down with the tide. That change is slow here and we feel no currents ebb or flow but the walk up the gangway can get steep at times. The first things we see this morning are some seagulls, cormorants flying, a few terns and the usual blue heron 
Next to old city hall
The German Shepherd loves to chase feral cats and thanks to several divers (boat cleaners) and a wacky lady that feed these things we try to walk around the stray cats. The dogs warm up with a simple mile walk then I get my camera and we head out again no knowing what we will find. The area around the San Pedro Main Post Office is usually a tent city of homeless and is quite depressing but this morning after going through 22nd Street Park without seeing a homeless sleeping there or a wacked out person we encountered our first person sleeping under a tree on Gulch Street (real name ).
When we got close to the main Post Office we found several shopping cart travelers sitting on park benches but only a few tents or folks living in cars. There has been a major face lift in the area with major street changes and the tearing down of parts of Ports of Call. Traffic on Harbor Blvd. is now rerouted and every time we walk over there something else has been removed.
Fire Boat, Tugs and Iowa
We walked by Vinegar Hill then down to the Old City Hall and I was quite surprised not to see a dozen homeless camping by the old drinking fountain. I stopped to read the plaque about "Bloody Thursday" and went down to see if my battleship was still a float. 
Yes it is still there.
San Pedro has a nice skyline but few take the time to enjoy it.
The flag on old city hall is at half mast for Mrs. Bush. 
After stopping by the fire boat building the dynamic duo and I headed back passing the restaurant Acapulco being torn down.
Post Office Overlooking Harbor

Ports of Call had been dying for years but no one was willing to shoot it. When we lived in Huntington Beach many moons ago I took the family up to Ports of Call and it was new and really nice. 

Today I did not see the twin Brigs that the Youth sailing use docked here. Not sure where they went. Several Harbor Cruise Boats have moved from Ports of Call and three are at Cabrillo Way Marina.
In Flight
The Red Car Line that used to run the street cars on the weekend here has stopped while the streets are changed but there still is a Free Bus Trolley that goes from Downtown  Pedro to Cabrillo Beach on the weekends.
Our walk passes the old fishing harbor and we then cross over the railroad tracks and up the little hill past the baseball park where there is a nice grass area across from Crafters. Lots of swallows fly there skipping inches away from the grass in flight.