Sunday, October 4, 2009

Season End at IMS October 3

The last night of the season at IMS was a Saturday night instead of the usual Friday.

Without the Friday night traffic mess I actually got there early and quicker driving my high speed express VW van. Since I was not pulling a trailer I could go over 55 mph and get in the fast lanes but going over 55 and getting in the fast lanes is more dangerous in the VeeDub that trying to get around Beach Ball.

Saturday is not my normal speedway day and I really should have been somewhere else as my riding just sucked and trying to get around everybody when I start from the twenty yard line was not working. In the first race I was trying to pass someone who could not make up his mind where he was going to fall or when. I screamed for him to "Get the F!!K Out of the Way" so loud he actually turned around. I didn't have to race against him again but if I had to do it again I would use the Buck Blair's Nudge with my boot on him. I didn't get another chance to boot him. But, well there is always next time.

Trick Video missed Joey Holt's Second Division Main but got Buck Blair's airborne adventure with the crash wall. Buck and I went surfing Thursday and I had him try two of my long boards out. Buck is from Colorado and surfing is new to him. He did really well the other day and probably will not be back in the water soon if his wrist is broken.

Saturday night had a Harvest Moon and the weekly fire in the local mountains. Southern California is home to forest fires, flooding and earthquakes. Someone at Cal Tech in Pasadena should look into the possibility that these seismic misadventures are actually caused by Rick and Beach Ball.

The aerial tankers kept flying over the track after taking off at the old airbase in town and heading towards the fire in the mountains nearby. Since I kept looking up I was able to spot three flying saucers hovering over our IMS SUPPORT TEAM pop up. That IMS makes desert gas tank for extended racing and other trick things. Maybe I have an alien sponsor but just don't know it.

There was a rider's parade as the track was dry enough that you could actually walk across it without getting stuck. Speedway has several National Events but IMS last race of the season was billed as the Western States Championship with a three ton (my estimate) cowboy boot as the trophy. Jason's hopes that he can turn the track into a hockey rink in the off season was clearly shown by the new decal in the window of the track prep truck.

Buck hit the wall following his bike leading the way. The bike went over the same fence that was replaced just last week. Buck's wheel will need to be replaced also.

Again there were riders that were new to me and I always enjoy it when someone comes up to me and after introducing themselves tells me they enjoy reading my blog.

Josh Larsen showed up ready to win again just like he did on opening night here but Gary Hicks also showed up a little late but ready to go fast.

The Golden Microphone of Bruce Flanders was missing tonight as he was off doing a gig at a car track. Luckily with the instructions of Steve the ref and others the rookie announcer was able to make it through the night without too many problems. If he does this more often and becomes familiar with speedway he may have a future in the sport but I would suggest he dress up a little and wear a tux.

With the AMA Nationals Friday night at Auburn and several riders off to England with the Dream Team several second division riders did double duty riding in both second and first.

Here is Joey Holt leading the charge from the back line in his handicap main.

The D1 main had only four riders at the final tape.

And everyone was within the camera frame for all four laps.