Wednesday, April 27, 2011

San Pedro's Tall Ships

These pictures were taken on March 26 during a LAMI crew training trip.
Both of the brigantines went out and we proceeded east  towards Long Beach.
The two ships are named Exy Johnson and Irving Johnson and are close to being twins but there are some differences.

Inside or outside the breakwater it is not uncommon to find freighters and oil transport ships at anchor.

A brigantine is rigged with two masts.
The GPS display and compass are located forward of the helm

The mainsail is on the left and the square sails (top to bottom) are Fore Top gallant, Fore Upper Top Sail, Fore Lower Topsail and the Course.
Same sail from a port view

Lunch break
Captain at the helm
Going below to the berths.
From 20-34 berths depending on route or program.
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