Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Industry Speedway July 1

Another day another dollar. Someone said that once and I would explain that but it just turned midnight so any explanation if needed if up to the reader to google it. I came in second tonight in the main so that makes me only ten in the hole. Thirty to enter and twenty back for second not counting the gas, oil, new sprocket, and what ever is required to do this makes the trip to the poor house a a fun trip. The freeway sucked but it was a lot shorter than the fellows from New Zealand that just spent 19 hours in the air to get here.

The rider count was off again, not sure exactly what the difference was from last week and I thought with Costa Mesa dark this month there would be more riders here tonight but as they said in the riders meeting we are performers and we just try to put on a good show no matter the size of the cast.

Gino Manzares had a new shiny ride and got to ride in First Division as many events were combined and divisions changed.

Industry is east of downtown Los Angeles and south of the mountains. Most people don't realize that there are mountains here, real ones not the like they have at Disneyland and in the winter you can snowboard and ski if mother nature feels like cooperating.

The Grand has a big screen hanging from the roof and they show replays of the action. Sometimes the wall banging and flips are captured for review for those not paying attention or out buying beer.

The Juniors were out in force again and they really put a good show on. I am sorry to say that the program doesn't include their names or I would publish them here. Tonight's program cover and last week payout will appear on my next blog.

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