Thursday, July 30, 2009

Industry Speedway July 29

The Weather actually cooled down a little yesterday but to offset that the traffic got worse. I might be able to ride my push-bike to the fixture quicker if I could get somebody to take the JAWA out there for me. There wasn't any accidents on the freeway just 40 miles of stop and glue and with the state's budget being cut I am sure the CHP and Caltran will work harder for less.

After bumping the wall last Friday night I had to mend the bike with a new shaft that holds the right peg and spend some time at Kasier getting X-rays. Nothing broken but the new word for the day is Plantar Fasciitis.

Ron Mongenel went down in front of me in one race and didn't bounce back up. Let's hope his injury isn't serious and he gets well quick.

In my main Brad Moreau went down and the reg flag came out but the race didn't restart and I wound up with my usual second place finish. If the race would have gone two more laps I am sure the leader would have eventually fallen and I would have been victorious. There are several mains: The Crash Maim (which I ride in), the Second Division main, where the Over the Hill Gang battles the teenagers, and the First Division Main where the fast riders are.

Last week at Auburn the North vs South was won by the South and the flag was passed over after the riders parade.

I don't have a golf cart and I don't play golf but when I get to Leisure World I might start (driving one).

The schedule is have way through the season with nine nights remaining at Industry and as riders are injured other will heal and reappear. Gary Hicks was back last night after a shoulder injury and was in great form.

Each week I get to meet new faces and talk to another reader that have seemed to enjoy my blog. I would have to estimate that 98 percent of those who read this blog are successful, intelligent, well mannered and don't blow their nose on their own sleeve. The other two percent Googled here by mistake. The last two pictures were sent to me via e-mail last night. This alert cameraman (Aaron Kaikko) with a very expensive lens and micro second shutter was able to capture two riders at high speed and in this juxtapose one can obviously see the shortcoming of the rider on the left and straight line (quicker to the finish line) style of the rider on the right.

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