Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday Night at IMS July 17

The weather man said it was around 98 degrees this afternoon in San Berdoo but the sun did hide a little bit and there was a breeze and we had a pop-up awning.

As I start this blog it is currently a little past two in the morning and I just have finished my eight plus hours of speedway so if some of these pictures lack enough information to figure out who is what you need to go the the races more often or if you are not local just ask me in the comments section. First person to ID the gentleman above will receive one of my used tires suitable for framing.

The track was wet after a lot of soaking and still was wet as the races started. Throughout the night the track was re-prepped and by my main it was much better than the two earlier rides.

After the races were over and the pit gates opened I had the pleasure of talking to a few blog readers that had no idea who #268 is and wanted to meet me. One very intelligent, well behaved gentlemen (who might have been drinking) said he liked that I am straight in my blog reporting. I feel that if I use this media as a soap box not everybody will agree with me so I try not to bitch here but I will take the opportunity here to make a couple of suggestions: First, pay the third division riders and second if a rider can't show up at the track with a decent number on their back or their correct riders number they need to sit the night out.

Billy Lyons broke a collar bone and Gary Hicks hurt his shoulder and did not compete in the main after a match race with Ricky Wells. Get well quick. I was riding last night with an injury but couldn't let my fearsome competition any knowledge for fear that they would take advantage of my trying to destroy myself in the garage with a loaded bungee cord.

Wells goes back to England tomorrow to resume riding for the Coventry Bees.

If putting your race number on upside down makes you go fast like Ricky everybody will start doing it.

Russell Green won the handicap main and Ricky Wells won the scratch.

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