Thursday, July 23, 2009

Industry Speedway July 22

Another warm day in Southern California and for some reason the traffic sucks much more that the normal really sucks. Saturday I drove over to my boat in San Pedro and finally had to bail on the 405 freeway to surface streets, Sunday my son rode in a contest in San Diego and he said it was bumper to bumper all the way back and Monday when I returned the 405 was shut down again.
Wednesday afternoon on the way to the track I had to exit the freeway and take a detour through Brea Canyon to get to there.

As the season progresses the rider count suffers from the machine carnage and biological breakage. With the Harley, BSA and Triumph riders providing a try on the dirt oval the action in the show continued but ended earlier than the ten o'clock curfew.
In the second race I had Jones on my right so if he drove to the taco vendor I could make the turn but while waiting for the tape to go up after what seem to be a delay I backed down the rpm and the tape went up. So I spent several laps trying to get around others and when I tried a inside pass in turn two I hit the rear of Rick Huspek and wound up high siding and causing a red flag. Since I bounced on my head (that part of my body is no longer used) I would have thought that the starter would have called for a complete restart sending everybody else to the penalty line for getting in my way, but no, they ended the race.

In my next race I was able to figure out that the tapes do eventually go up and led the race to the finish. My estimation, since I have no rear mirror like the Harley riders (no turn signals either) was that I was way out in front until at the finish line where my giant lead changed to inches.

In my main, there was a restart. This was caused by Jones demonstrating his low level flying technique. According to Ryan Evan's report I actually led the restart but wound up in the end another bridesmaid.

After our division's main that there were the usual fast show-off riders.

My helmet will now need a decal or sticker to cover up the scratches and my jersey now has a hole in it but I am still intact (kinda). The blog is probably shorter than normal as my collar bone needs more duct tape.
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