Thursday, July 16, 2009

Industry Speedway July 15

My motor quit Saturday night at the Perris Long Track so Monday was a healing day and another spending day to replace broken parts. The more you ride the more you are broke.

To ride the bigger track I had to change the primary and behind the clutch sprocket so I left the clutch where it was so tonight I was running higher that I have been and a little faster, but not fast enough to be the winner.

I did beat Ron Mongenel (158) in the earlier race but both of us are starting back as this is a handicap race. So we have to pass those who start in front of us and while I was passing the riders in front of me he was running away with the race. I enjoy taking the pictures you see here and some riders may show up more than others. It is not that they are my favorites, they just happen to be where my camera is.

But screw all the speedway talk and get to the girls that knew how to dress for warmer weather.
Looki at all the money they save by not buying leathers.

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