Thursday, July 9, 2009

Industry Speedway July 8

The freeway is just a stinking freeway and the way back home another off ramp was closed but I am getting use to this crap and every new detour goes by an In and Out. My carburetor on my bike is almost as old as I am and on my last bike I had a high dollar carburetor that was smooth as silk.

Before the races I asked Buck if I could borrow one of his slick carburetor and since he is in recovery mode the sweet boy said yes. But my problem is not the carburetor it is my right wrist and tonight I felt a lot better and though the program said we were in third division we went faster than some in second division , no apology to Joey Holt who had to get around a bunch of slow pokes to win.

If Buck loans me some stuff, like primary sprockets for PAS, I might be able to buy one of those trick carbon fiber fenders I saw tonight. My number plate is off my down hill mountain race bike and it has that carbon fiber look. Carbon fiber usually doesn't make you faster it just makes you think you are cooler and poorer.

Butch Waymire (363) was moved up to second div but tonight he was in third again. Butch is taking lesson from Fast Eddy which is not helping me any. Then to confuse Waymire I gave him some of my personal riding tips in hopes of beating him. My riding tips got him another win, so much for helping others.

It is hard to understand what makes speedway such a great sport: But fathers helping their sons or daughters is one strong point and there are several mothers out there on both sides of the crash wall in full support of their kids.

The crowd in the grandstand (not the folks in Ricky pits) were the most I have seen this year and lets us hope they come back again with more friends. The program in second division was changed from three races to one and the First division actually saw Gary Hicks on the track and I heard over the loud speaker he had to quit a job to resume riding again. That is the way to go Gary, join the rest of us poor speedway riders. The fellow in the zebra shirt seems to be doing a very good job every night here but that youngster at San Berdoo, well, he might need some more schooling.

The side car crew is getting smaller each week but tonight there was a new monkey and she looks better than all of other recent riders.

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