Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ken Maely Hot Shoe Championship

Friday night at Inland Motorsport Speedway or as I often type Inland Motorcycle Speedway was honoring Ken Maely. Just as I leave the house to go to the races my son wishes me good luck.

This afternoon he was on his computer as I went out the door and before I got to the truck I turned around and asked where is my good luck goodbye and his reply was "Win one for Ken", you see Maely was one of my son's two big heroes, the other is Don Vesco. Both of these men always went out of their way to help young riders.

I was looking through my large roll around tool chest the other day and I found a green repair tag from Maely which said, "For the Mayor of Santa Monica" on it. I grew up there and Ken did also and he taught welding once at Santa Monica City College when it was across the street from Samohi (Santa Monica High School) . For those who never had the pleasure to ride at Maely's track you have missed something. My son stopped riding speedway after Ken passed away but if Ken asked him to ride again I know he would.

Shaun (Snowball) Harmatiuk was in very good form tonight as he seems to excel when the track is not smooth. Jason Ramirez should have been in the main but a crazy last second drive to go into first place set in too wide and Neal Facchini got by him. I not sure how many people Rick Valdez brings to cheer for him but it must have helped him tonight. Butch Waymire continues to follow my riding tips I gave him earlier in the week (dam it).
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