Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boat Show (Bring Money)

There is a "in the water boat show" here in San Pedro, California located at Cabrillo West Marina. To visit the show you need do drive to the end of Miner Street in the Los Angeles Harbor and pay ($15.00).

All the fun a boat owner has

I rode my single speed bike over to see what I could see for free. Nothing is free. The fence is covered with these super glams of what a future boat owner is promised.

The banners look so great I wanted to run down to the docks and buy another boat but I had forgotten my wallet.

When I ride my bicycle I take my Samsung or my Nikon but never my wallet. Being a boat owner that is currently living on his 5th boat a wallet can be dangerous especially if one has poor impulse control.

There are displays under the tents and I had heard that kayaks and stand up paddle boards are being shown. My 2 stand ups and surf skis are stored in a dingy rack close to my boat. Maybe I should charge for the view and I do give free lessons. Our marina as three kayaks for customers to use. None of the guest paddlers here look like the women shown in the banners at the boat show. In fact most weight too much to get out of the kayak and get back on the dock.

New boats will stay pretty and shiny until the first monthly payment is made.

Flags don't come with the boats and you must always have a lot of them for opening day.

Available just see broker. Then after you will be known a broke.

Walking down the gangway to the poor house

Los Angeles police and fire boats.

Handy to have them around.

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