Thursday, October 6, 2016

Loose Bike Nut on a Sailboat

My basic transportation is by bicycle. There is a Nissan in the marina parking lot that is collecting dirt although I clean the windows every morning.

Road bike converted to Fixie
Last week I had to take my son Dylan to LAX but he drove his VW GTI and I drove it back where it sat awaiting a return trip with me doing the driving to LAX and he hauling us back.

Waiting on side street while son clears customs

The trip back was slow using PCH in search of Mexican food for Dylan taste.

He had been invited to ride in China at a festival on his BMX bike. It is really not a BMX bike that one would race on a track but a twenty inch (wheel size) that is used for stunts and tricks.

He has performed in contests and shows all over the world with the exception of Australia where somehow the trip was cancelled.

Track bike on the beach
my Bob Jackson next to dock box
flat tire with tublar tire
bike strips down for bathhouse

My bike collection includes several different styles of rides. One is stored outside of my sailboat attached to the dock steps with several locks. It is a Schwinn High Sierra that has had a colorful past having been stolen twice here at the marina before it was given to me.

It is possible to store several bikes inside my sailboat cabin One is just fine, two will work and three is too much.

For protection against
rust and to making living possible on the boat several complete bikes plus extra wheels set are store in a gated locker storage close to my boat.

My Instagram @Captain Dewayne and I have a following of 118. My son Dylan Stark @whoisdylan has a mere 39.8K followers a mere drop in the bucket compared to my loyal fans.

He is also on YouTube where he has his own site

Personally I went from riches to rags purchasing video cameras for Dylan at an early age. Fortune is a little better now as he gets camera for free. He uses his IPhone and a Sioeye Camera for filming and an Apple for editing.

Here is the first of his recent China trip.

The second in the series as he cruises China

Finally the last part Chapter 3 at Fire Festival

As a reader of books I until recently didn't read many about bicycles but with free downloads from my public library to one of any of my three Kindle devices. Yesterday I finished On Bicycles: 50 ways ....and found out that I am in that small percentage who use a bicycle as a form of transportation. Of course my riding also includes for fun and station in shape. The label on my Wranglers shows a 31 inch waist. The book shown talks about the great riding places and cities where bicycles are in larger numbers. San Pedro is built on hills unlike other cities built on Rock and Roll. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the South and the Los Angeles Harbor to the East riding West is all hills and North is introduction to the ghetto.

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