Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another new day another non-adventure

When I first started blogging I had an IPhone and a laptop. My pictures were taken with my Nikon D80. Each blog required the data from the camera to be downloaded to the HP laptop then edited. File sizes needed to be reduced to shorten the Blogger editor upload.

Photos taken for weddings

Living on a boat means you are very close to the water. IPhones don't float. Smart phones and salt water can be very expensive if mixed.

My Nikon is still around but my Galaxy S6 is usually in my back pocket unless I am out paddling. Phones are not allowed on any of my stand up paddle boards or when paddling a surfski. Learned the lesson.

My grandson Arlo in 2008

Jayne's power boat

Since this Blog is several years old many links on the sidebar are now dead ends. As I mentioned earlier for a period of time all blogs were about speedway racing and most of the followers were involved with the sport or fans of it. Each Blog was linked in FaceBook. FaceBook became a hackers paradise so I stopped using it.
Sunset Downwind

My grandfather's flag
My Instagram is @Captaindewayne and maybe I can get some followers to read this. It was hard to keep the sidebar up todate for Dylan. He has his own site on YouTube now:Dylan Stark

Same with Fancy Pants:Frances Stark

One of my neighbors live in Riverside County and they make that terrible drive when they use their Hunter sailboat on the weekends. Yesterday they had a broker on their boat as they have decided to sell it. Their boat is a forty footer and that required a larger slip and larger slips are rarer in older marinas. If you are ever thinking about buying a boat, first see a psychiatrist or some mental health provider before looking for a boat sales person. Then if you are not committed and start shopping be aware that just because a boat is for sale doesn't mean the slip is going to be available. There maybe a waiting list before I move to where I am at I had to get on a waiting list and wait for a empty slip.

Visiting another marina

Currently where I am there are lots of empty slip for 35 foot boats but a waiting list for live aboards. Regulations and management policies can vary greatly between marinas.

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