Thursday, September 10, 2009

Industry Speedway Sept 9 Buck's Night Out

Oh well, the usual fire trucks and tow trucks on both side of the freeways making the trip to the track an adventure.

Tonight was the track championship for Industry Speedway as the season was shorten by three nights and replaced for later Saturday Nights in the winter. The show at Industry is never lacking with lots of high caliber performers willing to lay down or bounce off the wall as the night goes on. Tonight the sidecars came flying down towards the finish line and there was not enought space for everyone. This really has to be seen in person because the replays (that Mark Willams does are excellent) need to be seen in person with a glass of beer being tossed in your face by a excited fan.

Gino Manzares was one of two riders that looped their bikes when starting in gate one.

Mr. Microphone Flanders suggested that they have make a calendar of women sidecar passengers but currently there would be only two months. My suggestion is more women on sidecars. Maybe a few women up front would help keep the inner track pipe staying put.

I can almost raise my right arm up completely after high siding and getting ran over last month but I didn't win the main. I did win my first race starting back on the ten and came in second in the next one which put me in the main but in the final if you have to figure out who and where someone is going you are not on the gas and you don't win. Buck Blair was on the gas all night.

I believe he won ever heat, then the main which does make for a good night in anybodys book.

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