Thursday, September 3, 2009

Industry Speedway September 2

Another hot day and the usual car fire on the freeway going to the track plus the terrible fires in the local mountains. Then on the way back home the two on-ramps to the 60 freeway were closed and later down the road in Irvine 5 lanes were closed on the 5 freeway.

Monday afternoon was spent replacing the ignition and coil after it quit last Friday at IMS. The bike and been started in Cody's parking lot and in front of the house but this was the first time out with the new setup. The difference in response was quite remarkable but in the first race turn two was slicker than an ice skating rink.

The program had me starting back on the ten yard line but then West our starter placed two of us up on the tapes I got the gate then the red flag came out as those behind me hit the slick crap. That is the only gate I got all night as my brain or my clutch were in slow motion.

Through out the night there were Harley races and a parade plus the appearance of Jet Black to play the National Anthem .

During the night Mr. Microphone Flanders always issues the warning that speedway is a dangerous motor sport and to stay away from the crash wall. Last night an additional warning to stay away from Jet Black's speakers may have been in order.

At the rider's meeting before the races start there was a discussion about backing away from the tapes at the starts and penalizing those that do. Apparently Costa Mesa had become a count to two and drop the clutch roller derby and this behavior is frowned upon here.

Sidecars have two functions: They drive the fans crazy and they are very effective at removing slime from the track surface and they were called in for an early practice session to dry out the track surface.

For some school is back in session and next week will be the last of the summer series at Industry. IMS is dark this Friday for the Labor Day Holiday but Victorville is running this Saturday night.

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