Saturday, September 12, 2009

IMS September 11

Typical Friday night afternoon traffic special so I left a few minutes early and somehow missed most of the delays on the toll road.

There was no shortage of CHP on the side ticketing trucks and autos in the middle of rush hour. The temperature sign at the 10 in San Berdoo read 98 degrees but with the high cloud cover it didn't seem that warm.

There is lots of equipment that needs to keep running to put on a show. Putting on a race program is a lot of hard work that requires a lot of cooperation that may not be appreciated.

Tonight was September 11Th and the Denny Pyeatt Memorial Race.

The track surface tonight lacked the heavy outside dirt and was fast. Tyson Burmeister didn't ride as he was still recovering from Wednesday night get off. Buck Blair touched the tape in the semi and had to start from the ten and I think he came in third which put him in the Last Chance with Jason Ramirez. Jason won the Last Chance but if you look at slot four in the picture above Jason is missing as he touched the tape at the start of the main and was sent behind the fence.

Faria got the gate and Fishback was never able to get around him. I made the main and started outside against the fence (that is not an excuse) and was never able to catch Chris Jones.

There isn't any racing next Wednesday night at Industry as they will be dark until November. Next week here at IMS I will be in Salt Lake City watching my son ride at the Gatorade Flow Contest. He won an entry from their video competition and we are flying up and staying at a hotel and Gatorade is picking up the tab not papa.
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