Saturday, August 8, 2009

Train Wreck at IMS August 7

This edition lacks any track action shots as after I unwilling became involved in a train wreck somewhere on the track and I have no idea where as the bounce on my head before the train showed up did some serious memory altering.

So these pictures were taken before the races started.
My goal at the track is to have fun and try to go fast. I am really trying to beat the other guys not just ride around the track. If you don't try and out gate the others riders they will not wait for you and if you back off because a green rider is out of shape or turning right or not turning the other guys will still be on the gas.

There are lots of eager kids at the track and these young boys and girls bounce right up after falling all I do is just bounce. Last night I didn't make the main as my front fender was gone and my anatomy needed a visit to Pick A Part. Someone said I should have been in the hospital but that would require an ambulance ride and I am allergic to vehicles with flashing lights on them. The first person to reach me instructed me not to move and I wondered if another train was coming as they some time travel in pairs.

Poor Buck Blair (send him money) had to suffer with me all the way back as I couldn't drive myself. Wednesday afternoon before leaving to go to Industry I told my son that he needed to try speedway again. He asked, "Why?", and I told him "so he could drive me home."
I have not raced Costa Mesa for several years so before the races I asked Brad about riding there. It is much closer than any fixture to my house, not within crawling distance but I do pass a large Kasier Hospital on the way back.

I couldn't hear what Flanders was saying as I lay twisted in the dirt and the train horn might have blown out my remaining working ear. But I now have a nickname and Tyson Burmeister who is way too young can't have it.
Just call me SUGAR DADDY....
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