Thursday, August 20, 2009

Industry Speedway August 19

Another Wednesday night of Speedway at Industry some things change, some remain the same. The traffic getting there still sucks big time, no change there but the rider turn out had a significant increase with nine in third division and fifteen listed on the program for second division.

Two riders in second division didn't show and I was asked if I wanted to ride in second division but declined. My right side and shoulder are still a work in progress. Earlier in the evening I was trying to impress the cuties (young women) with the tire marks that tattoo my body with black and blue bruises.

This behavior is probably not advisable when attending a literary function in South Pasadena but at speedway almost anything goes. Another reason for not racing in second division is the Sesame Street Gang, Joey Holt #244, Kyle Hicks #103, and Austin Novratil #181. The three of them could share the same razor for the next couple of years without getting it dull. These young men are extremely fast which makes it a challenge for the more mature lads.

Another problem facing the older generations in first division is Gino Manzares and Russell Green.

Jason Ramirez didn't ride tonight as I believe he is getting ready to ride Auburn in preparation for the Under Twenty One Championship there.

The pit area was expanded out so you could set up behind the grandstands. This is probably a good idea as it separates the sidecar folks from those who do not use training wheels and allows the spectators to throw food down so they can get fed. Please understand I love sidecars, almost bought one but there is no room in my garage or money in my bank account after getting my mainsail repaired on my boat.

A new face for me was Rick Farron as he battled the youngsters along with Tim McGrath and Butch Waymire.

There were a zillion rumors floating around about the future of Industry Speedway and the season will be shorten by three dates. Later in the year racing will reappear in the Saturday night slot. The purse was upped for the Warren Russell's All Star Cup. The increase in the payout was passed on to all divisions so there is help out there that Speedway will not become a "lets race for trophy's sport"

Two another things happen last night: The rider's parade included the mechanics and helpers. The Star Spangled Banner was lead by Jeff , the promoter, and everybody joined in and sung it. That was very cool.

I won my first race my getting the gate and keeping Alexander behind me where he can drive someone else crazy. In the second race I got the gate again but Crazy passed me back but you can't follow him to close as his style is, to say it nicely, is uneven. But I gave it some gas and I think I got by him at the line. In the main the tapes didn't go up on the first try so we had a green light start and trying to figure out what to watch, the green light or the flagman, left me leaving last and I remained there. Considering last week when I was hurting so bad I had to retire after two rides making this main a great improvement.


The first picture I took last night was of Buck and Mike as I knew Buck would win the main. He won all of his three races in a smooth and fast fashion with distance between him and whoever was second. In The main their was eight riders and the first row was on the ten yard line and Buck had the pole. I am uncertain why they started on the ten, maybe because the tapes had not been working smoothly. Last week Buck got screwed with a green flag start and set back. So tonight it looked like he was the only one that didn't roll the gate. Shawn McConnell left first and stayed there with Blair inches off Shawn rear tire. Each corner McConnell would park it a little bit and Buck would almost touch the rear wheel. This happened each lap, I think there were eight of them, and I was sure Shawn would get passed by Buck but it never happened. There will be racing next Wednesday at The Grand with the Legends Night of Speedway.

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