Thursday, August 13, 2009

Industry Speedway August 12

Usually there is a freeway report about how bad the freeways suck but this afternoon upon advice of our flagman and checker flag waver I ventured over on the toll road in search of stress free travelling. Going east to the races the toll road takes my change (actually more than change) so I try to stay off of the money taker.

It is hard to understand why I would be in a hurry to get to the track but I wanted to prove a point. I am not sure what that was but after spending Monday trying to make the forks and handlebar (a new one) point the same way as the new fender I was determined to ride after my encounter with Beach Ball and the dirt at IMS. My front tire had been flattened and the bead was filled with dirt but the wheel was still straight and all the spokes were still there.

My determination is offset by my lack of good judgement but good judgement and speedway racing doesn't sometime go hand in hand. There is a great movie called Bar Fly and in one scene this drunk is trying to drink a shot of whiskey off the bar top but keeps spilling the glass, after several tries then he takes a neck tie and places his right hand on the shot glass and laces the necktie around the back of his neck and takes his one unshaken hand and pulls the tie which allows the shot glass to reach his mouth without spilling a drop.

Somehow I relate to the poor fellow who can not get the glass to his mouth cause my right arm refuses to raise it self above my handlebars but since I don't wave much while riding it is not a big concern.

As the season progresses the rider shortage continues with only two names besides myself on the program for my division as Brad Moreau was moved up after winning last week.

Well the two other names on the program didn't show but another rider signed up leaving a giant total of two. So the decision was made to place us in second division. I don't have a problem with that as I used to ride second division. In the first race Chris Thomas was on the line with me and I was involved with him in my high side last week at IMS and I did not want to try and out gate him again I would just wait till he fell then go by him.
After he fell there was a red flag and a restart which was a big mistake because I altered my original plan of completing the evening without hurting myself. I didn't crash but in my effort to try and go fast (I did pass someone) my shoulder gave way. After that I tried one more race but the nerves that transmit information to my unused brain where pain in interpreted just plain overloaded.

After sitting on a bench and letting my shoulder calm down I looked forward to Buck Blair winning the main. Buck hasn't been riding and has been waiting for his leg to get better but I convinced him to ride tonight. (see the early mention of good judgement and speedway) Having a fat pay envelope full of my previous winnings I gave it to Buck for his entry in hopes we could share in his main win. But our hopes of drinking with the likes of Bill Gates were dashed when the starting gate refused to function and my nephew got sent back on the green flag start.

Well Friday looms in the much too near future and unless a miracle flies through the window and heals my shoulder I guess I will be spending more time getting freezer burn on my left hand trying to ice my shoulder and missing IMS. Aside from missing Friday there still could be a way to get some track time while I am a gimp. I have noticed that the sidecars at Industry are right next to the track entrance which is very convenient. If you are hanging off the back someone else takes care of the handlebars. They have starters (no pushing) and training wheels. I could just duct tape my bad arm to the back and use my good hand for waving at the girls. No one ever questions your sanity if you are involved with sidecars.
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