Thursday, August 6, 2009

Industry Speedway Aug 5

A clear night, a bright full moon, no traffic on the freeway, grand stands packed, standing room only, too many riders for the program, playboy bunnies helping the riders in the pits, $500.00 show money and a hundred thousand dollar purse and great racing, (some of these statements are valid and some are false, you pick the ones you like) and of course I won the main again.

First I hurt my shoulder, then my foot and last Sunday far away from any dirt track I destroyed my arm while sailing my boat and now have a ripped mainsail for proof. The rider count gets smaller but the riding and action has not slowed any and there certainly no shortage of pee-wees ready to bang bars.

Hedden had a new pair of leathers and now there are three riders wearing the same team colors. If they need a fourth they should consider more senior riders, specially those that need a new kit. My jersey was new at the start of the season with only one recent tear in it from high siding but my pants are from the Korean War and have vintage Made in China labels. I might as well alter the truth here as Flanders our brave and knowledgeable announcer behind the microphone does. After a few beers as the track becomes dusty he starts to add so many years on to my real age I start to feel like I raced with Abe Lincoln (never did) and I am, no matter what he says, close to Jack Benny's age of 39.

While we are on the subject of eternal youth there is a Under 21 Championship coming up soon at Auburn and Russell Green needs a little help in the money department to get there in style. If you have any extra money before you pay your bills or gas up your transportation just send it (money not your dam bills) to me (not him as minors can't be trusted with money) and I will pass any left after deducting the handling expense on to his lovely mechanic.

The Grand has a roof on it, a big screen with reruns for those who had grown up on TV, a full service bar (which I have never used) and really great performers for our National Anthem.

It would be really nice if the staff had a free parking valet service for the riders so after the races and the exhausting autographs signing is over they would go get my trusty Nissan and load my trailer.

If you compare the first picture of the track at the start of the blog with the wet surface with the above picture with end of the night blue groove in place you will see that the surface does change through out the night. This is one reason the fast riders are always changing their gearing, tire pressure and tire edge in hopes of going faster. I have been told that a new tire every week makes you go faster (and your wallet get thinner) and I am in dire need of something to make me go faster (like new body parts).
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