Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl What?

I have devised a game where the goal is to reach Super Bowl Sunday without knowing the names of the teams that actually play in it and this year I succeeded in winning again. On a quick stop Sunday morning to pickup something to munch on the boat I did see a large goal post display for Tequila and Vodka so maybe there is a Russian team playing a Mexican one, who knows or fuck cares.
While in the car heading for beautiful San Pedro I listened to Vincent Bugliosi being interviewed on KPFK radio. If you have not read his book The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder, in summary he wants Bush put on trial for war crimes. He is probably correct in his guilt but I doubt it would happen. When sailing in the Los Angeles Harbor I sometimes use the lee shore of Terminal Island as a place to douse my jib when the wind is up and Hurricane Gulch is full of white caps. On Terminal Island there is a Coast Guard Station and a Federal Prison. Currently there are 1072 inmates in the prison. Two of the a list of infamous past customers include Al Capone and Charles Manson. Manson did two terms there and actually didn't want to leave. My suggestion would be to set aside there two old cells for Bush and his crooked Veep in case they are ever convicted.
Saturday the weather was very warm for the last day of January and Sunday started off a little cooler with a fog bank and my poor decision to wear a Hawaiian Shirt . My earlier sail choice had been for my large 170 as the wind prediction was for little or nothing and I never get to use the large jib but again the wind was up to about 16 knots and white caps inside the breakwater so the 170 remain in its sail bag. My boat does not have furling so the captain is responsible for hoisting, folding, and all those labors associated with work.

My good Russian buddy took out his Ericson and we crossed courses coming and going. He had to reef his main coming back in and I elected to douse the jib coming back then the wind backed but I still could get 5 knots on the main only. When he hailed me the second time he cried that he didn't have any wine aboard and I doubted I could send an extra bottle over to him without banking hulls so we waited until dockside to celebrate the possibility perhaps a Russian team was winning the Super Bowl.

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