Friday, February 13, 2009

Building a Box

When it is raining the mutants run out of things to do so the other night they started on building a box to ride on. When I was a kid during Lincoln's first term we were to busy with the war effort to spend time riding on boxes. Actually no one rode or jumped bicycles on and off of boxes when I was a kid. Jumping up a curb was a big deal, still is for me. Once when I was delivering newspapers before sun rise with a ton of Examiner's on my rear rack I tried to clear a curb and didn't make it. Have been afraid of curbs ever since.

The crew started with a trip to get lumber at Home Depot, a little laptop designing, then cut, hammer and run down the battery on the electric screw driver. Part way through the building they ran out of screws and part of the crew went to the store with a detour for fast Chinese food.

Then a trip to get a sheet of plywood was required for the top. After the top was installed a little testing was required in the street. The box needed a steel rail for grinding on but the lumber yard was closed by now and had to be attached the next day. With the extra lumber another smaller box was built to be used in conjunction with the grinding box.

I am not sure how the bike gets off the ground without any effort and when asked the reply was "I don't know." Dylan just approaches the box, then points the wheel up and it goes up. The grinding or sliding on the steel rail can be used by the pegs that stick out from the front or rear axles or a pedal. Makes no sense to me how it is done so smoothly.

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