Thursday, February 19, 2009

Standing On The Corner

To leave our house you can go north, west or south. It is best to avoid going south. A drive south on Cherry Street leads you to the local border crossing where the day workers stand, sit, play cards, block the street, block the sidewalk, making it almost impossible to use any of the remaining small business and the lumber yard. Wednesday morning, the first day after several days of rain brought out enough illegals to fill lots of buses for export. Today the count was less probably only numbering between 140 to 160. As the economy here goes south the poor in Mexico go north looking for work. The less work here the less remittance sent back to Mexico where remittance from illegals is only behind Mexico's oil exports for the countries income. This results in more poverty in Mexico causing more to come here seeking a change. When I was in the auto parts store here today I saw a flier from the City of Lake Forest (California) asking for inputs on how to improve the landscaping along the street shown. Our city government is spending money trying to find out how to improve the landscaping. My first suggestion: try removing the illegals pissing on the sidewalk.

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