Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy Week

Several weeks ago one of my hot rod buddies sent me an e-mail which included an old Dragnet program starring Joe Friday. The opening of the show has Joe describing all the various things that you can do in Southern California because of the different weather and mix of mountains and beaches which leads to a bunch of kids thrill seeking and drag racing on the public streets (thank the deities we never did that). To keep busy last week a trip was necessary that required a trip above Bishop which is outside of Friday's jurisdiction to June Lake. The week started earlier with riding my dirt bike at El Mirage in the desert, thenthe next day sailing the boat followed by two days of surfing. Then back to the boat in San Pedro to cover the hatches with a tarp for the predicted rain and a trip to Los Angeles to drop the dog at my daughter's in Echo Park for her to enjoy dog sitting. This is want cheap gas allows you to do.

The drive north required 356 miles behind the wheel with some local rain, windy desert, and after the Mammoth turn off heavy snowfall and four wheel drive use. June Lake and its June Mountain is not a giant over developed mess that Mammoth Mountain is(although the June ski area is Mammoth ran) and is laid back, mellow, empty runs with great snow. No lines or rude people and at a much greater reduce price (except the cafeteria).

The one draw back is getting from the parking lot to June Meadows Chalet where the chairs and runs are located. A double chair ride is required from the ticket sales area up the steep face that is a scary ride coming back down. There is Canyon Trail that will allow a return run all the way down to the parking area but it needed more snow to make it without some board or ski bottom scraping. My skiing started after watching the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics on black and white television. One early Saturday morning we jumped in our 57 Volkswagen and headed for the snow at Big Bear where we rented skis, rode the rope tows and fried our skins in the bright sun and reflected snow. The next morning we were so sun burnt and sore we couldn't make it back up the mountain.
Well like all trips that bubble with fun my next snow trip is in the planning stage. The only hitch is by old long board is starting to sag and my newest board just doesn't float my ass at my current weight and I need to roundup up a pair of skis and boots as waiting in a rental line can be a drag if the dozen kids in front of you in the line don't know their boot sizes and after the motel bill and eating out I have one twenty dollar bill left in my flat wallet.
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