Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Said I Had To Write Code

Well I started this blog about a week ago and I slowly learning the in's and outs of blogging. Last week I sent my sailing buddy my blog and his reply was he couldn't find the word "blog" in the dictionary. Well, he is really old school and still uses a dictionary (I do to), a tiller and neatly folds his hanked jib on the fore deck. Well to create this blog I have to go Google's Blogger and pick and choose which is not that difficult but if you want something a little different you must edit their standard code and I quit editing code and reading it quite a while back.

Taking information from Google over to Flickr and back again last night took me way too long to add a Slideshow. Now to resize the Sideshow I will have too edit the Html, this is too much like work. Well enough of the grousing now to be a political editor instead.

Today a noted economic wizard stated that war in Iraq is causing our current recession. Yet others disagree and they say that the war is good as the demand for goods and services have increased. Fuel cost are raising and business are closing yet the price of fuel goes up driven by the demand or speculation.
Somewhere in the past I must have watched a few lifeboat movies and read several survival stories. Captain Bligh was booted off his ship HMS Bounty and then proceeded to make one of the most heroic voyages in history. A story well worth reading. His supplies were finite yet he made it.

You are very careful about your drinking water in a lifeboat. Bligh took a five day supply and made it last fifty days. He didn't guzzle it or pour it overboard. Now how hard would it be here not to waste our finite fuel supply. My observations are that that car pool lanes are still mostly empty (I use it), nobody is slowing down, and demand has not slowed. But those are my observations. Those out there who continue to drive their gas guzzlers as fast as possible as much as possible are in our life boat poking holes in the sides with an icepick.
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