Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day

The Catalina Islander cover of Earth day was the only mention this weekend that I saw or heard about Earth day. (Actually Earth Day is April 22, 2008) Since I spent the last three days on my boat without the normal media distortion there might have been some great Green Happening I might have missed. Saturday night I listened to several radio programs than originate in the Midwest which appear to have live audiences. When I was a kid we listened to the large radio set in the front room. The set had a lit dial and a band for selecting foreign countries then television came along and killed the requirement to imagine along with conversation and many other things.

Catalina Island has always been short on fresh water and the locals use many methods to save water. Some methods are quite ingenious in conserving water.

This Classified Ad Rental in The Catalina Islander illustrates my point: Year Round Rental

Sol Vista 3 Bdrms-
1/34 Bths-
$2295 per month.
Must make for real cozy bathing.

There a zillion Earth Day pictures on the internet, here is my personal one ,sometimes the crap is so thick you could walk on it
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