Saturday, April 12, 2008

Morning Walk With The Dog

Every morning our dog requires a morning walk. Her contract includes a minimum distance of one mile including smell breaks and rabbit viewing. Her lawyer also included a provision that she must be fed at exactly five o'clock each evening. So we started out this morning and headed for the park across the street to get a blue bag from the dispenser and saw some new graffiti on a brick wall that borders the sidewalk between neighborhoods. Right under the tagging there was a gusher of water from a pipe at the bottom of the wall where the pool owner drained their pool. The stream of water went down the sidewalk into the park and the creek that flow through it. There are various regulations for emptying swimming pools and I do not know if the correct procedure had been followed. My surmise based on the unmowed lawn and for sale sign is probably not.

Not far into the park we encountered the normal Del Taco litter. Our fair city has two Del Tacos at one intersection and we are located within a half mile from the two. Maybe they are situated such so if you forget something you only have to drive across the street to place another order. After a little walking we got to the bike path and headed north. At the foot bridge crossing the creek I stopped several boys about to push a shopping cart down the steep embankment into the creek. A simple "don't" led them to ride their bikes down the trail and left me with a shopping cart to return and the dog really doesn't care for her course is altered but it makes in convenient to pick up trash on the way home. We also have a Starbucks next to Del Taco so there are plenty of discarded cups next to the plastic bottles and beer cans in the gutter. The Simpson's did a show years ago noting the countless Starbuck's in the Springfield mall so I want go there now about that, maybe later. I collect the wandering shopping carts and place them in my VW van and take them back to the store when I go shopping. My son hates it if I leave the cart at the side of the driveway and I have been scolded for it.

When in the car I listen to NPR radio from time to time and the subject Wednesday included depression. The interviewed author explained that one must not dwell on all of the problems in our world for there's no shortage. Since we have abundant problems and undoing disorder full time would make me entropy's watchman and nothing else. So each day I fulfill my contractual obligations to my dog for she is prone to tort and pick up some trash. Now walking through a suburbs pushing a shopping cart picking up trash is not as my son says is "cool" but I have not been "cool" for a long time. So I put a spin to it and see my walk as being on the Green Zen Path with a little Yoga thrown in.
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