Thursday, June 4, 2009

Industry Speedway June 3, 2009

Wednesday was an unusual day here in what is normally June gloom in the morning and warm sunshine in the afternoon. My day started off with walking the dog and lots of thunder and they were not from Harleys. In the afternoon after loading the motorcycle trailer with the bike and deserting the VW van with a choice of the Nissan I started out for the freeway where I was met with a sudden cloud burst.

As the window blades streaked the dirty windscreen I pulled over to check the RACING HOTLINE at (949)-640-0455 to see if the weather might place a hold on the racing but the message reminded that the Grand had a roof and the program was on. Yes, indeed it has a roof but parts of the pit areas is not covered but lots of riders have pop ups for sun shade so the rain that fell off and on during the evening was not any problem and kept the temperatures down.

Well it was Harley Night which should boost the attendance with happy Harley owners with their shiny steeds but the rain kept the majority staying home.

The program included sidecars again plus Junior Speedway riders and three divisions of Speedway riders ands a Harley parade and Harley race. I didn't see anybody trying to crash over the wall like last week but there was still plenty of crashes and fast action.

At the riders meeting the promoter announced his upcoming TV commercial buy in hopes of bringing in more fans and increasing the payout to the riders. Rich and famous are not typical of the speedway rider vocabulary as over the years the payouts have been going down and the cost of living as been going up. As you can see from the payout from last week you need a full time job to support your riding habit unless you are unemployable (like me). Please understand this payout includes all three divisions of riders whereas some track don't.

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