Thursday, June 25, 2009

Industry Speedway, June 24

Last night the freeway trip over and back appeared to be getting quicker until I actually looked at my watch and the afternoon chore was the usual 80 minutes but without the first gear stopping and starting.

As expected the rider count was down and the pits had a lot more room in them. I am not sure when the program is put together but in first division there was only one missing rider listed on the program and with the addition of Billy Janniro and Kenny Ingalls the count was thirteen.

Janniro addition made for great watching. Russel Green, although he didn't score many points, showed he is willing to hang in there with the really fast guys. Last Friday at IMS my worn tire was really slipping so I replaced it with a new $54.00 one which caused great difficulty with the sticky track. Increasing the air pressure would not help as it was already brick hard and I don't have any bigger rear sprockets so I just went out and rode.

On Monday the tire was changed and the primary chain was cleaned and re-oiled and when I went to bump it off in the pits after the rider's meeting the primary came off. Shit like that happens but when I went inside the tool box my ratchet wrench was missing. When I left earlier there was half a dozen kids in the garage and one was replacing the chain on his twenty inch bicycle so my ratchet is probably still lying somewhere in the garage. Then when I went to remove the snap ring on the primary sprocket the snap ring popped off and went flying over the bushes to the stables down below. Thanks to others I was able to get a wrench and another snap ring. What I really need is a lock on my tool box.

What makes smooth Kim Stevens so cool is not that she is the only woman rider out there but that she drives a VW van. The other VW van (mine was in my driveway) at the track transports the only female junior rider Hayley Perrault (also cool) from San Clemente.

The red flag was out tonight as the dirt was not co-operating as this track is resurfaced every week and the tear down of the setup begins right after the races are over.

I would like to thank those folks that have told me they have read my blog.

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