Monday, June 1, 2009

Changing Slips

The weather here has been drizzle and puddles in the morning and riding the mountain bike up to Whiting Ranch and through the wet mustard lining the single track can get you wet without going to the beach or the sea. The surf report in the morning brings the same "Flat, like a lake" so the mountain bike gets the use and the long board doesn't.

So Sunday morning I remounted a bike rack on top of my Nissan and hoisted the road push bike up on top and headed to San Pedro for maybe some sunshine and boat cleaning. I have been waiting to move to another slip that is closer to the gate and gangway but the boat leaving kept get delayed. So upon arriving I noticed the closer slip was empty and the office manager said I could move.

One of the reasons for changing slips is the trip from the car to the boat hauling stuff is much shorter, the marina's fine facilities are closer and the other slip was surrounded by boats that were never used: just expensive orphans never visited.

The marina, Holiday Harbor, is located in San Pedro close to 22 th Street and below Fort MacArthur. One of my views is of the fort which now is an Air Force Base.

When I bought this boat it was located in Marina del Rey but the monthly slip charges and the travel time to the boat and back prompted a move to Wilmington where my other sailboat was birthed. The price was half but again so was the scenery. After I sold my Catalina I started to look for a slip in Cabrillo but one marina required a new survey and hefty rent I moved to Holiday Harbor in Wilmington and got on the wait list for Pedro. After a few months waiting I was able to move over and that was last June right after a bottom paint job. My dock box is not filled with years of discarded paint cans or rusty parts so that switch was very simple, then moving the water hose and power cable came next, followed by the yellow sabot (as opposed to the green one) and of course the fair maiden.
As you can see the sun was out here and the boat was dry when I got here. The weather can be quite different in Southern California from one area to another. I had some vistors from San Francisco come over to look at the Ericson as they have a 32 Ericson a few slips down and they make the trip down once a month to go to Catalina.
Never had time to take the push bike off the car and go for a ride but did hand the oars on the sabot and go for a nice row.
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