Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Puppy Update

Almost a month of sleepless nights as today marks the 28th day since my Christmas present was delivered in the pouring rain (raining cats and dogs).
I have not counted the days of rain we have had the last month but after several years of drought is is surely welcome. Several people here have been grousing about the rain and now the temperature has dropped down into the high thirties. Where we live we are surrounded by walkways that surround the marina. Lots of dog walker are here all day log. Many dogs have rain coats or sweaters but Happy Tails only has his life jacket with a handle on it.
At first he didn't want to wear it but yesterday he accepted the jacket without complaining. When I row I face the stern of the sabot and my old first mate Dede had learned to sit in the bow whereas Happy has to sit in the stern where I can keep an eye on him until he learns about rowing.
Dede actually enjoyed going out for a row. She did not like sailing in the big boat but was alright in the sabot with the sail up.
Our routine of puppy and getting off and on the boat is still pickup and carry. He is learning how to jump off ledges and climb stairs but is not ready to jump on or off the sailboat. He has a shore spot he likes to poop at so we must get off the boat in the dark while it is raining and I use the dock steps at the starboard side of my sailboat. There is a small solar powered led light on the step but it isn't that bright as the sun is still in winter.
Dede could jump from the dock into the boat with one good leap and get off without any problems. When the sailboat was in Wilmington she would sneak off on her own and wander around outside the marina gated entry by simply crawling under it. 
During the past week we had a visitor from space. The SpaceX  Falcon 9 returned on its drone barge and it could be seen from the boat. I have been following the barge and SpaceX because the barge is on by walking or bike riding route. The first stage was here yesterday but is no longer upright today as it is being transported. 

As I see the pup 24/7 I don't realize the day to day changes but people who see any on the weekend always comment on how much he has grown. Most say that I am going to need a bigger boat.
Yesterday he met his first Great Dane and Large Poodle. Happy went running with them but could not keep up with pack. 

When Happy was at the adoption clinic awaiting a new home the other puppies chewed on his tail tip. Today the hair has grown back in and looks great. The hair on his back is starting to change from puppy fur to shiny black teenager hair. 
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