Wednesday, January 4, 2017

14 Days 14 Nights Raising Puppy

My daughter Frances picked up the puppy at spay neuter project of Los Angeles December 22 on a rainy here in San Pedro. Today is the 14th day of the puppy living on my sailboat. I guess it could be considered our sailboat.

For those aware of boats this might sound stupid but sailboats and powerboats have different shapes as their function vary. And getting on and off a boat can be easy or part of a climbing experience.

Dylan and Happy Tails

The interior cabin is accessed by removing three drop board from the forward entrance and climbing down the interior ladder which has 4 steps. When it warm and not raining the drop boards are stored but when it is cold and wet as it has been the boards are in place.

Going to poor house one bag at a time

Potty training requires that the pup get out of the cabin, get off the boat and be carried to a pot of dirt next to a tree in the parking lot. This requires a Chinese fire drill if any learning is too take place. The dog is rewarded vocally when he starts to pee and this may be startling if anyone is out at 5 AM and see us.

Chewing on his bowl

As I write here and wander about with the keyboard dog reports may not be in order. After Frances got the dog and helped me replace the battery in my car we drove to Centre Street Market to get some puppy chow. The pup liked it and the small bag did not last long. My next visit was to Vons here but they had stopped sticking puppy chow so  had to get a bag of food for small dogs. That kibble had to be smashed with my hammer in to smaller pieces he could handle.

On my last trip to Vons I found a large bag of puppy chow. When the puppy is in the cabin he currently can not climb out but if he is in the boat's cockpit he must be watched. He can climb over the sideboards into the cockpit but can't climb out yet. I need to get him a harness or life jacket with a handle so if he falls in I can use a boat hook to pull him out. For now he is always watched around the water.


After he has learned to sit and stay he can go out in our sabot rowing and maybe try riding the stand up paddle. He can walk with the leash and his tug of war is getting better. He loves strangers and follows people walking around the sidewalk. Pup has got for several car rides and visited several parks. He is growing quickly and will probably out grow his any harness or vest I would buy today.

Dylan brought him a new doggy bed as the cardboard box was being chewed up.

There was some debate about naming him and at present he is "Happy Tails"

Or just "Happy" and not to be confused with Happy from Space Patrol and those 15 minute afternoon live black and white TV shows in the afternoon on Channel 7 in Los Angeles when I was a kid.

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