Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ghost Town Marina

The Port of Los Angeles built a new marina here in San Pedro after tearing out the old one and rearranging the streets and wharf.                                                    
Marina gates and rails running along marina.

Facing north.

Facing south where half of the slips remain empty.

Catalina can be seen in the distance

Looking across the West Channel towards PV.
Two cranes have been installed to place boats in and out of the water. There is a large fenced storage yard for boats and trailers. All of this is blocked off and has never been used. Actually the parking lots for the southern half of the marina is blocked from entrance from the street but you can still walk along the edge.

Flowers and plants are everywhere. Tables and benches plus a nice wooden boardwalk can be enjoyed.

The marina is located right next to great food and beverages

At the south end the Lane Victory is docked and can be visited.

Not often but this week a cruise ship was here for a day next to the ghost town. The port just finished building a large parking lot for the occasional cruise ship when the cruise ship terminal next to the USS Iowa is full. 
A rare sight to see is the Flag of the City of Los Angeles

More May colors

The street that runs by the ghost town marina has a very nice green belt running between the two traffic lanes.  
There is rarely any traffic which makes walking or cycling great but it can be windy in the afternoon.
Pathways are a combination of boardwalk, dirt, and slick.

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