Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Morning Walk Along the Water

Everyday starts with a walk.

We, myself and the dog Dede, head in different direction each morning.
Dede would rather head to the beach where she can visit the squirrels. To reach the beach we would head south. To go to the closest park we would go north. You can only go east so far unless you are a seagull.

Some places remain the same each day and other are constantly changing or moving.

Empty warehouses remain empty. 
Tracks rust

or they grow grass gardens
Awnings fade and phone booth stop ringing

Across the channel giant cranes wait for more containers on Terminal Island 

You can't walk by the federal prison from San Pedro without a detour via Long Beach 

Next to the prison is the Coast Guard Station

The building in the distance are downtown San Pedro about a mile away.

The once large fishing fleet is now small in numbers

A reefer from South America unloads Chilean fruit.

And you can't get coffee any more at Canetti's

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