Thursday, August 12, 2010

Industry Speedway August 11, 2010

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is one definition of insanity. So yesterday I tried another route of getting to Industry in the Wednesday afternoon traffic. Last week I tried the MAPS search for directions using my IPhone and hit a detour and bumper to bumper.
So I went to Google Earth and got directions there. The directions given there were a different route and I missed the detours I found last week and the traffic was a little lighter. The distance needed to travel from the driveway to the track is only nineteen miles and the time driving was 51 minutes. Tuesday I took a train from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to Irvine and that trip took 51 minutes.
There is a freight train line running along the route I drove yesterday to the track but I not sure how to get the Jawa in an empty boxcar. You can take a bicycle on the Metro Gold trains when they are not too full but they might frown on a speedway bike and their trains do not go east of El Monte.

There were two very interesting old race cars set up for display and during beaks in the speedway racing they did some hot laps on the small track.

Again the drought of riders continue and even the crazy sidecars were less with only three showing when there were five last week. But those three put on another great show with lead changing and 5150 getting the main win.

The printed program listed 12 riders in the support races but that was of course changed and the first division was down to three heats instead of the usually four each round with five riders in each gate.My furry mechanic was useless as always and only
shows up to be petted.

In my first heat I thought I had won but was awarded second. Then I came in third, followed by a win, which put be in the main where I finished third.

Austin Novratil was in the main after having won all of his heats. Bobby Schwartz made the main by winning the last chance.

When the tapes go up on a short track like Industry a few inches can turn in too a big win.

After the races and the van was loaded up without any help from my mechanic and I headed west without the afternoon traffic to battle. Only one short stop was required and that wasn't for a refill or late night dinner but a visit to the police station. The city here doesn't allow for parking on the street late at night without a permit so I stuck my money in the pay slot and got my parking voucher for displaying in the window. They actually do have someone driving around in the dark writing tickets and the violation is $45.00:
 CITY CODE VIOLATIONS 19.58 City of South Pasadena.

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