Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 4, 2010 Industry Speedway

Well I missed last week races at Industry after having a work load of moving stuff and packing that couldn't be ignored.
So my trip to the track was from a different compass heading on a different set of freeways full of stuck traffic.

I left an hour and a half later to get there and had a much smaller distance to drive but still had to deal with on-ramp closing and street work.
It isn't hard to explain the riders shortage with the state of the economy here, four or five tracks running off and on in Southern California and the time to repair broken machines and bodies.

Third and second division have been combined into a single group racing in a handicap form. In one race I was on the ten yard line and the other two on the twenty.

Last night I had a new mechanic in the pits to help me but all she did was get in the way, refused to push the bike and wanted to be petted. She managed to attend the rider's parade and enjoyed hanging out with old friends after the races. Someone suggested that she wear some racing attire or a number but that will have to be considered.
There were five sidecars in attendance and I took some pictures from inside the track at the start. After the tape goes up sidecars don't always go in the direction they want to. This makes for a click the shutter and run for cover approach.
And the younger riders put on a good show and are showing great improvement.
After the start of the above sidecar race there was a slight intermission in the racing as some sheet metal needed to be removed from the side tire after someone went left and another went right.
But after some pushing and shoving things are ready to roll again.
Four hacks are ready at the tape and was is  hidden in the back.
The tape is up and the winners are:
In the First Division Main the senior veterans were loaded at the start. Several younger riders did well earlier specially Austin Novratil winning several races but just didn't quite make the main against the salty vets.
At the start we have Bobby, Buck, Eddie, Mike and Shawn. Now if you don't know their last names you need to get your ass out to the races on Wednesday night. My grandson can name them. He wasn't there last night as he was on an airplane returning from the east coast but I showed him these pictures this morning and he knows their names.
Flying Mike gets the gate by several inches and wins the main by a far greater distance.
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