Thursday, June 3, 2010

Industry Speedway Opening Night June 2, 2010

Well after a six month intermission Industry fired up last night. Speedway here in Southern California has been going on for a month with Costa Mesa, Perris, and Victorville. Last Friday night IMS in San Bernardino restarted after a track rebuilding and some delays. I missed the last Perris race and IMS opening night as I was helping a fellow sailor get his sailboat to San Francisco for the solo Transpac.

Last year I tried leaving a little later to avoid the traffic which seems to never end in Los Angeles so for a change Wednesday I left at three in the afternoon in hopes of missing the stop and go. That earlier departure cut a half hour off the drive time.

Getting there early allows you to set up in a good spot in the pits and the pits have been rearranged for a high roller section with lots of sponsors banners. The promoter is in hopes that wearing old school white pants in the pits and dressing as professional will increase the gate. It is a good idea but I have my doubts about speedway mechanics using bleach and a washing machine unless it was to clean bike parts.

The weather at the Grand can fool you. The previous day at my house it was warm but Industry wasn't hot and when the breeze comes over the hill covered with trees it can be very nice. And of course the track is covered.
This picture is the entrance the fans see and I always enter from the other side to get into the pits. Yesterday I was meeting someone who was buying bicycle parts from me and parked on the other side for a change.

Several new riders were in attendance. Well, they were new to me and the program looked like a full crew in all divisions but after the riders meeting the revised program was posted several races were cut in second and third division.

A good turn out for the youngsters and the crazy sidecars. One thing the track needs in more cheering fans in the stands. The racing last night beats anything you can watch on a stupid TV set or in a sports bar. Billy Janniro and Buck Blair put on a show in one race that was worth the price of admission alone. Janniro later won the main and then put on a half hour wheelie and donut demo.

After the National Athem there was a trophy presentation to the winners of last years point championship. First Division went to Gary Hicks, Second division went to Joey Holt and there would be a nice picture of me with the trophy girl here if Buck Blair got me in focus with my camera.

The crazy sidecar main became a battle ground of crashing metal.

And Brandi walked away from the mess.

My first race had me starting on the 10 yard line and my plan was to go around the three riders in front of me in a flash of speed. That plan changed when the tapes when up and my front wheel started point at the roof. Too much clutch and a sticky track made for a surprise but I didn't loop the dam thing and got it down but pointing in the wrong direction. My next race I again started on the ten yard line but had backed off the clutch screw a bit so I was able to almost pass the front line riders by the first turn but went wide of them and stay outside and got pass them on the second lap and stayed in front. That put me into the main event. In the main there was some delays at the tapes and a restart after one rider went down. Then my throttle cable came out of the adjusting screws at the carb and got jammed.

Main Event finishing order:
Billy Janniro, Charlie Venegas, Buck Blair, Tommy Hedden, Mike Faria

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