Thursday, June 24, 2010

Industry Speedway June 23, 2010

Got to the track early as you can see by my first picture. The drive out was better than the traffic snarl of last week.

The track didn't look too hot but it was early and the ground crew was just starting to work on it.

Slowly the pit started to fill and I was able to have a nice tree near by for shade. As it is officially summer here you would think it would be warmer or plain hot but our June gloom is keeping the temperature down.

Some of the regulars I pit with were absent last night which gave me a break from the "old folks home jokes" I get from T-Rod. Not sure why he wasn't there.

Also missing was my daughter and grandson from the grandstands. I did get a text message from her and she was boarding a plane to go to Aspen. She was not going there to ski but set up an art show. Then I got another text message from my son with a picture of the bridge at Auburn where they were swimming in the river.
Funny it is a Wednesday night and my son is in Auburn. He doesn't race speedway anymore but he loves Auburn and he convinced his fellow riders (bicycles) to make a detour from their road trip to check out the trails, skate park and river there.

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon working on my Jawa and trying to get the clutch setup after changing the gearing on the primary and behind the clutch basket. The chain alignment was straight but the clutch play wasn't happening. So when I started in the first race the clutch was slipping badly. Then I increased the spring pressure for the second race and it still would not function.
The rest of the night was spent taking it apart and not getting it back together.

In my first race it wasn't a contest not because of my slipping clutch but the winner of the race should have been in another division. He easily won ever race going away and would have won the second division main if he was in it. My purpose it not to fault anyone as it is extremely difficult to put a program together with out enough riders. There are riders in each division that really belong in another but they are moved around to make the program work.

Three first division riders were missing from the printed program, one from second and one from third. So moving riders around in pretty normal but seven rider in a handicap race kinda sucks for those starting in the back. Geoff Herker took a toll on his bike last night and will probably have a hard time getting ready for Friday night at IMS and this can explain the missing riders on a program.
The track was changed last night with an exit gate added for leaving the track which made the entrance much nicer. For the side car main I ventured out to the center of the track to take pictures. It is really difficult to figure out where there is a safe place to stand and the crazy side cars some time take unplanned detours through the infield.

The winners of the night were:
Division 3 146 Aaron Fox
Division 2 186 Tim McGrath
Division 1 43 Charlie Venegas
and Side Cars were Jones and Olsen

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