Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chilly Night at Industry: Dec 5, 2009

Last night was the second Saturday at Industry in the Winter Series. It is not quite yet winter but the gloves and winter hats made it look like everybody was getting ready to go snowboarding. I spent Saturday morning changing my oil and checking the carb as last week it took quite an effort to fire the bike off. After one extended push with a hardy teenager helping it ran and after it was warm I bumped it off without any problem. Later in the evening at the Grand it refused to start again and I wore out a few pusher in the process.
I am not getting old (I am old) but every morning when I get up and put my feet on the floor my right foot reminds me want a crash wall feels like. Then at the start when my handlebar hits another riders handlebar my central nervous system aborts as my shoulder knows how much Beach Ball actually weighs. Saturday night was not the first time a rider has led the National Anthem by performing. Earlier in the year when it was much warmer Jonni Jade #266 played his guitar and last night probably the only female fiddle playing speedway rider in the world (that I know of) Hayley Perrault played the Star Spangled Banner on her violin.

In the main we have Gary Hicks, Buck Blair, Shawn McConnell, Mike Faria and Ricky Wells. Buck was the first to go down with Mike taking over the lead then while I was trying to focus my camera he dissappeared, then bye-bye Shawn and Ricky goes to the lead and continued for the win and the checkered flag with Gary coming in second.

Eloy Medelin won the Second Division Main and I didn't win the Third Division Main. There were lots of PeeWees, a Powder Puff Race and of course the infamous SideCars. Afterwards in the pits a few hardy beer drinkers who were not wearing gloves had their hands freeze to their beer cans. Having vast past experience I refrain from drinking out of a can in any weather.
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