Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday Night at Industry Speedway

Well the last blog here was on October 2 at IMS and my speedway bike in the interval made one trip out to San Berdoo to clear out the cobwebs but lately my time has been riding my push bikes. I was not sure on what to expect as this was my first time driving to Industry on a Saturday and it was late November, no longer summer time though on Turkey Day it was 84 degrees here.

The traffic was light and where I would normal slowly move in a sea of bumper to bumper cars and trucks I was able to go the speed limit. After exiting the freeway
the last mile on the surface streets seem so strange being almost empty.

On Wednesdays there are not too many large weddings but Saturday the whole damn town must has been getting married as the normal pit parking lot was not available and a band of roving flat trackers were also in attendance for a demo so I am not sure where I parked or in what city.

It rained around here last night and earlier in the day but the track was dry and not had been watered. Having a roof overhead sure does makes a difference.

Friday I moved my kill switch bracket from the left to the right side and of course Saturday night the bike would not fire. I disconnected the kill wire at the ignition but it would not suck any fuel and the plug remained dry. After wearing out several pushers it final started to run but it was hard to bump off all night and the way I rode I should have left the bike on the trailer.

The starting position in the main was determined by a coin toss between Nasty Nate Perkins and Buck Blair. Nate got the gate a led the entire distance. In turn four things got pretty tight and Ricky Wells went down.

Maybe the temperature dropped to 50 degrees by the end of the night at ten. I did bring a ski jacket but never used it. The parka still had a Mammoth Mountain lift ticket attached to it. It doesn't snow here but you never know. Speedway fans are a hearty crew as the temperature dropped beer consumption remain steady. Next week I might bring a barbecue that was removed off by boat and just sits in the corner of the garage. Not to cook burgers but to keep my ass warm.
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