Thursday, December 18, 2008

Building a Snowman

Here in Southern California it does snow in the mountains when it is cold enough and the weather is right. Yesterday was the third day of rainy weather here as winter is just around the corner.

My mutant teenager decided to go to Mt. High at Wrightwood to do some snowboarding. They took his friends pickup truck as his VW is lowered and not suited for the crappy roads and a parking lot full of snow. The 15 interstate was a disaster as snow was blocking the summit over to the desert and chains were required at a lower level.
Fortunately they had chains and after many delays were able to reach the ski area. All day long the weather dumped snow and filled up the pickup bed. It was cold enough that the snow made it back to lower elvation without melting and the mutants made a snowman in the driveway.

I gave up on Christmas lights and decorations years ago so our house stays unlighted but we can brag as we and the only real snowman on the block not a plastic fake one.
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