Friday, November 28, 2008

The Tail of Two Turkeys

Visits during the winter season can change as plans change. When Turkey Day approaches in is important to keep in touch with the pilgrims if you are going to get fed. Having two cooks in the family that can prepare a great dinner why not eat twice. Well there was some uncertainty on where to go as senior daughter was not sure and middle child was in Frankfort until the last minute. To eliminate stress on the weary traveler we decided to have dinner with a valley view instead of one of a downtown view but the plans had been already been set in motion by middle child. Both of my fair daughters live at hill tops, steep ones, even scary steep. So Thursday we left the plastic home-owners burbs of Orange County and headed north to Los Angeles not knowing how long the trip would take on the suckey freeway. We didn't go very early and left at noon. The freeway was actually smooth sailing going north and on the larboard side it looked really bad southbound. With one dinner early and one dinner late our troop ate twice with a ten minute trip on the Hollywood Freeway between hilltops.
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