Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Navigating The Information

One bad habit among many I have is occasionally watching television while eating. Not too long after my family bought their first TV someone must have invented TV trays so we had those also. We lived in a one bedroom apartment in a building that had five units of which my father built and owned. Several nights a week everyone in the building would join us in front of the set to watch the wrestling matches. It was crowded and noisy with so many in such a small place and the TV set screen was really little.

So last night I sat down in front of the big screen and started watching C-SPAN. This is my new diet I plan on marketing that causes loss of one's appetite without the use drugs. There was a Congressional Committee discussing the current crisis in diesel fuel pricing. That is a subject that does have some bearing directly on my pocket book as my boat has a mighty two cylinder engine hidden under a cover in the cabin. At maximum revs it rattles out twenty horsepower but I have never used more than half throttle which makes consumption rates pretty stingy and since the gas gauge is broken I must check the level from time to time, then add a gallon once a month when using it every weekend. In the last year fuel price had gone up a dollar per gallon and that is really hurting the truck drivers which was the point of the committee on C-SPAN I was watching.

Several of the congressmen were making very valid comments and of course their inputs involved the state they represented. One speaker, Don Young from Alaska, was blasting those who had passed him in the morning doing a hundred while he was driving at fifty five. I continued to watch him and applauded his remarks, then wrote down his name so I could read more about him.

Maybe I should have left the former tug boat operator's name out of my Google search. Then I realized that I have read about his earmarks in the past and as Alaska's sole congressman he has raked in the money for his state and campaign fund with remarkable success. Sometimes it is not a good idea to review a book or film and miss something really good because of a slanted critic. In the case of Don Young I would have to give him a good grade on his speech of last night (actually recorded earlier in the day) but his report card sucks.

No C-Span diet tonight as I am off to the book store with a stop at Trader's Joe for cookies.
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