Monday, May 5, 2008

Gas Tax Holiday

The Presidential Candidates are saying that we need a Gas Tax Holiday. With reasoning such as that I doubt I could vote for either one of them and since one isn't really ready to get out of Iraq he wasn't my candidate anyway. Go ahead lower the station price of fuel by temporarily removing the excise taxes and how long will the consumer see the lower price; my surmise is less than 24 hours if that long. The following statement was taken from Orange County Business News

Q. What do you think about the idea of cutting the federal tax on gasoline to make it more affordable?
McKenzie: I don’t know. When something is more scarce, you don’t want to make it more affordable. You have to hit people over the head with the true cost. With this price of gas, I’m sure the price of a used Cadillac Escalade or a Ford Excursion has plunged.

My neighbor has both a Escalade and an Excursion in his driveway plus another SUV, a pickup and two more cars. He is quite proud of this and as so many others will continue to drive the largest, gaudiest, ostentatious piece of crap available. The dinosaurs did not disappear over night and it took time for the smaller mammals to flourish. Again today these drivers with only a reptilian brain are still out there clogging the freeways and surface streets requiring a four ton war chariot to transport a body that is in serious need of exercise. Many of these SUVs and trucks have been modified so they stand head and shoulders over everyone and after raising them up and installing oversize off-road tires their mpgs must really double suck. Yet they proudly demonstrate that they are still kings of the road. I will not even go there with Hummers.

If there is a Holiday that long past over do, it would be: Eliminate the Idiots in Government Day

I understand the our president is looking forward to building his presidential library. What is he going to put in it, is he aware that library have books in them?

Previous Word of the Day

"He wallowed down in the scree and pulled off one boot and laid it over the rocks and lowered the forearm of the rifle down into the leather and pushed off the safety with his thumb and sighted through the scope."

pebbles, small stones, from the Old Norse Skroa, to landslide
German, schreiten, to stride
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