Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy misses Arlo's Graduation

As you may know or you may not I live on a 35 foot sailboat in San Pedro with a German Shepherd who may be seven months old since he does not have a green card I am never certain. People always ask me how old Happy is and I often lie about his age. He could be seven months or almost one year old. This doesn't really matter as he continues to grow, eat, bark and poop.
Arlo and his Momma

My grandson finished the 8th grade and as the media is the message I saw him on my smart phone.
Some where I have a picture of Arlo taking a bath but I not posting it.
Butts makes a good pillow

The marina here provides free wifi but right now the bandwidth is so slow I have to resize all the pictures from my phone to post anything on my blog. 
A Nose is a Nose not a Rose

I like the price of free but several user here at the marina would rather pay for a DSL so they have reliable service and a connection that works. My Samsung Galaxy S6 phone has unlimited text and data from the mother fuckers at AT@T who often kill my speed if I use the data, During the last part of May the fuckers kept limiting my data and Instagram basically quit. 
Bat man ears

Today the sun came up without the normal June gloom which was a surprise. Happy's bladder control is no longer pupply like and he doesn't have to get off the sailboat in the dark and he waits to hear the weatherman on the telly before he ventures out.
Homeless during dogwalk

During our morning walks and afternoon strolling we encounter various homeless folks. Happy has been prone to bark at these people.  The dog likes to bark at strangers and skateboarders too.
As seen along harbor

Puppy likes to sit in the car and doesn't care if we go for a car ride if we are getting food from the ghetto's Vons or our favorite Center Street Market. I prefer to ride a bicycle to the store but he can't follow. 
One less softball

It is hard for me to leave the boat with the dog by himself and expect to find things not chewed. He does do it everyday but only when you think he is being good.
Homeless with blanket in laharbor
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